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Castle Lake City, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology held in Beijing recommended

Castle Lake City, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology held in Beijing recommended

Recently, research institutions and innovation base, Zhejiang Province (Castle Lake Science and Technology City), Zhejiang Province, overseas talents Innovation Park (Future Technology City) Promotion held in Beijing.
Party Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress Director Zhao Zhu gave a speech in the promotion, Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Xia Baolong welcoming remarks. Vice Minister Wang Qinfeng the Central Organization Department and Ministry of Science and deputy party secretary, Wang Zhigang, vice minister delivered speeches respectively. Relevant ministries, the central enterprises, military groups, and the world's top 500 foreign-funded enterprises, the National Engineering Research Center, Key Laboratory of world-class, university research institutes, foreign embassies and other leaders and representatives of more than 500 people attended.

The promotion for the national ministries, the central enterprises in Beijing, well-known companies, multinational corporations and domestic and international first-class universities and research institutes and other research institutions promote innovation base, Zhejiang Province (Science and Technology City), focusing on the introduction of R & D institutions and industry projects, the introduction of overseas high-level personnel.
Promote the meeting, party secretary of Shao Lin Yi attended the provincial-level leading to the detail of the Castle Lake City general overview of science and technology, planning and construction of the concept of progress in respect of the situation. Mayor Bian Jian behalf of Castle Lake City and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, including 11 research institutes, companies signed a cooperation agreement.