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Street, two opposing powers to create the world's attention at the end of stunning debut, "New Wuhan"

Street, two opposing powers to create the world's attention at the end of stunning debut, "New Wuhan"

Pictured: Han Street, downtown business (image)

Chutianjinbao news (reporter Huang Zhenlin) a river, he gets two, such as pearl-like inlay lake in the central city; a street, so that the top of the business and culture, with great harmony here to show the way; a city, because The river and the street, off the road in more than a top-cultural brand. River Street, City, here is the central cultural district of Wuhan.

September 30, the world's longest pedestrian street opposing powers Waterfront Street will officially open the street, also marks a total investment of 50 billion yuan of central cultural district of Wuhan officially unveiled.

No doubt, from the idea put forward at the beginning of the concern of it, step by step with the dream into reality, the world's attention will be focused to the central Wuhan, let the world in such a central cultural district project unprecedented in international experience forefront of fashion and trends.

From the commercial real estate construction and operation of the boss, to enter the tourism and cultural projects, to the surgeon that operated a city project, Wanda Group to set up their own degree of difficulty to the challenge of exponential growth. However, this is a unique country located in the central cultural area of ​​the large cultural tourism project, has not yet been opened, it has been gradually affecting Wuhan and the world of culture, tourism, leisure and business structure.

Pictured: two opposing powers East Street (image)

Pictured: star (image)


Recycling Wuhan "Geometry Center"

Just two years ago, talking about connectivity Dongsha Chu River, the minds of many people still regard it as a water connectivity projects. However, when Wanda Group in Lazi, announced plans to invest 50 billion yuan in building the only one located in the central cultural area of ​​the large cultural tourism project, here in Wuhan to become the world's a fine start window, the window is central city of Wuhan in central economic strength and the rapid increase of economic activity, the window is carrying the world on the geometric center of Wuhan, more international expectations.

East Lake and Sand Lake is located between the opposing powers Street, from a geographical sense, is the geometric center of Wuhan area, with a total construction area of ​​340 square kilometers, with a total investment of 50 billion, of which only a cultural investment as high as 80 billion yuan, Wanda Group's effort to build the core of culture, both tourism and business, business, residential functions as one of the world-class cultural tourism project, is currently the world within the far-reaching, important contribution to the city large investment.

Chu milky Street, Han-show theater and film culture theme park will bring huge changes in the pattern of Wuhan, Wuhan will become the high profile world-wide cultural tourism destination.

Industry have pointed out, in this sense, the central cultural area of ​​the opposing powers Street, not just a landmark project, or the geometric center of Wuhan city recycling.


Chinese version of "River on the map" Show picture

"A roll over the six lakes scull" Dongsha connectivity project was to bring the people of Wuhan's most intuitive imagination. However, when the Han Chu River Street into the horizon, when it was discovered that the waterfront of the world's longest pedestrian street, the city can not only achieve the dream of boating, but also to reproduce the Song painting Wuhan prosperous scene .

Chu milky Street, with a total length of 1,500 meters, longer than any of the world's a pedestrian street. The total construction area of ​​180,000 street square meters, including commercial, food, leisure, entertainment and many other formats, first-class collection of more than two hundred domestic and foreign businesses, is China the only build the world's top fashion big commercial pedestrian street. Fast fashion world's top ten brands for the first time in the Chinese Street "happy"; world-renowned fashion brand NIKE, MORGAN, DAZZLE, EU force, PAGEONE, carbene, CacheCache will get together in the Han Street shop; HAMMAN video, Parsons Music , 90 + red wine, such as life on the road living museum Premium brand, will debut in Wuhan, many brands will be Han Street, as their largest flagship store in the preferred end result. There are many well-known international brand, will debut the latest wave of fashion in the form of Han Street, such as NIKE world's third concept store, Starbucks and other Asia-Pacific flagship store, Wuhan will bring new services to the fashion family and feelings. Han Street, Central, Wanda Plaza, Wuhan will become a gathering place for the top luxury goods.


In this line by the water

Wanda Group and the world famous American entertainment companies, built at the eastern end of a Han Chinese street theater show, to invest 25 billion effort to build all of the world beyond the current level of integrated interpretation of the stage show. Theater building was designed by Beijing and Guangzhou Asian Games and the London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies artistic director, Mr. Mark Fisher design, inspired by the traditional Chinese red lanterns.

Han Street in the west, Wanda Group invested 3 billion yuan to build a globally unique film culture theme park, this building creative is the essence of culture from the Chu and Han - bells. Wanda Group in the eastern end of the Han Street investment of 10 billion construction of 20 video hall, the total number of 3500 seats, including digital 3D video room, giant screen video hall, is currently the most advanced facilities, the largest film city. Street in the Chinese culture area, also designed five celebrity Square; with the public in the middle of the Han Street stage, to showcase the rich people in Wuhan amateur cultural activities provides a free cultural sites; Han Street also introduced the world's most prestigious Celebrity Wax Museum, fans and stars can wax intimate photo; in addition to art galleries and cultural centers.

2.2 km of the Chu River, is the central cultural district tourist resort of the soul. Chu River connecting Lake and Sand Lake, Wuhan City, the State Council approved the six lakes connected network of water treatment project's first project, the surface width of 40-70 meters, plus the green road width of 150 meters. Two kilometers of riparian green belt to provide the public with a beautiful Wuhan leisure. Meanwhile, for the convenience of East Lake, Shahu, Chu River tourism, Wanda Group, a heavily built boat for environmental tourism. Wanda Group Huan investment of 3.0 billion, in the East Lake and Shahu created between the three high-standard hotels to raise the overall level of tourism facilities in Wuhan, including two six-star hotel and a five-star hotel, the total floor area of 180,000 square meters, total of 1,200 rooms.


The rise of the new center in Wuhan

Central cultural area of ​​international Grade A office buildings towering group - Wanda era center, is the central cultural district in Wuhan, the geometric center of the most important new features in shaping the business carrier.

Wanda Times Center, a total of eight 5A class office building stands in the north of Henan Chu sides. The west is the East Lake, east of the Lake, opposite Hankou and Hanyang, Chu is the composition of cross-strait high-rise office center spindle. These office buildings and some 100 meters high, some 160 meters, 170 meters high. Designer, the roof of the lantern tower of the lantern is modern technology, production of aluminum frame, crystal clear day, night, computer-controlled lighting, you can change the color.

Wanda office buildings reflects the contemporary, the use of stone glass high-rises, there are some blank space between layers, so that the proportion of the surface of the building took a more beautiful and delicate scrutiny. From the internal environment and external image, Wanda office buildings is unique, not copied.

It is reported that Wanda Times Center, or the current sole owner of Wuhan City natural lake may be for sale office space, which will greatly enhance the standard of construction of commercial buildings in Wuhan, Wuchang District, to change the lack of Wuhan City, Business Center and the status quo, to build a world-class business benchmark.


Top luxury waterside "open"

Han Street, 1.5 km long, divided into three sections, A zone is a "quality life", a world-class show and the 5A class office building, the hotel is also a gathering place. B, the major international fashion, which set the country's most complete current fast-fashion related brands. C, depends mainly on the park side of the main culture, experience design for the trend, mainly for young people to create fashionable district of Wuhan.

Imagine, if you lived on the water's edge in the Chinese street, what will life be like? There is no doubt, settled in the central cultural district, is a leisure travel, office space can be lazy and enjoy the private world to enjoy big time.

Chief Wuhan, central cultural area of ​​the floor plan of the 1.5 million square meters upscale residential area, this is Wanda Group, set 20 years experience in real estate development, representatives of China's current effort to build the highest level of quality luxury. "Luxury" can have multiple interpretations, but the generally accepted standard is the same: location, facilities, housing quality. There is no doubt, in the geometric center of the opposing powers of Wuhan Street, is the best place to settle down. World-class waterfront pedestrian street, Han show theater, movie theme parks, cultural tourism destination.

Although we have not been able to see some of the central cultural area of ​​the mansion, but considering the Wanda Group, the first in the Chinese luxury product - the quality of Wanda Mansion, Central Cultural District project on luxury products, can increase the imagination, after all, Wanda is set 20 years experience in the crystallization of hard work and development.


Central cultural district of Wuhan

Central Cultural Zone is located between Sand Lake and East Lake, Wuchang District, Wuhan, location is equivalent to the geometric center of the planning area of ​​about 1.8 square kilometers, including culture, tourism, business, business, living five functions. Started in December last year, two key projects this year, Chu River and Han Street, will have opened. 2013, cultural tourism projects are completed, Wuhan will be to enhance the cultural, tourism, business, business level.

Han Street

Han Wuhan Central Street is an important part of the cultural district. Located in the south bank of Chu, total length 1,500 meters, the total area of ​​180,000 square meters, include business, dining, leisure and entertainment variety of formats, collection of more than 200 leading domestic and foreign businessmen, Chinese around the world's top show, luxury shopping, Jing Chu culture, celebrity squares, indoor movie theme park, international fast fashion flagship, the international 5A office buildings, hotel groups, and other luxury lake.

(Edited by Chen Jian)