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Professional accounting qualification exam 2012 Application Procedure

Professional accounting qualification exam 2012 Application Procedure

You candidates:
In order to further improve the 2012 annual national professional accounting qualification examination registration work, the convenience of candidates registered, the relevant professional accounting qualification exam registration matters clarified as follows:
First, the online registration of the test area: the League City, Daxinganling Mountains Authority applied for all online registration.
Second, the online registration portal site: the national accounting qualification evaluation network, network management accounting profession.
Third, the registration-related costs: Registration fee 20.00 yuan, 70.00 yuan Kao Wufei / Division.
Fourth, the application need to bring the relevant documents: identity card.
Fifth, September 1, 1987 applicants born after mid-level candidates, need to carry identity cards, graduation certificates, qualification certificates to the original entry point for processing.
Six in the previous year qualified candidates single subject results, do not upload photos.
Source: Accounting Service Center in Inner Mongolia