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Fujian companies eyeing "God eight" opportunities to provide financial sponsorship on the spacecraft carrying

Fujian companies eyeing "God eight" opportunities to provide financial sponsorship on the spacecraft carrying

Southeast Network - Channel Guide November 3 (Reporter Xie Jia Sheng) "Shenzhou VIII" and "Temple One" space intersection of

Then test, causing numerous people's attention, including many Fujian entrepreneurs eyes. Reporters learned yesterday the investigation,

Pick a group represented by Fujian enterprises have been through sponsorship, carrying the spacecraft, etc., to achieve the enterprise's "Flying" Dream.

Min rate of the "space program"

Yesterday, the chairman of Olympic sports Jingnan in an interview with reporters said he just returned from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and back

To Quanzhou.

This is the fourth Jingnan invited to observe the "Shenzhou" series launched, he can enjoy such treatment from China

Space Foundation. Since 2005, Olympic corporate sponsors of the way to become the China Space Foundation grant sportswear line

The only one industry, "China's space industry partners," China's space designated Olympic sports shoes, sportswear.

In addition, as the "God eight" was successfully launched, before being classified a "flying seed" naturally decrypt specific varieties.

It is reported that, "God eight" return to the cabin, there are three Fujian seeds: are two kinds of tea from the Wuyi - Wuyi Da Hong Pao and

Rock, there is a new species of beans, "Min frame beans."

In earlier 2008, the Xiamen Hui Kang, "Grain Valley Power" became the "seven gods" spacecraft carrying the only beverage products

Brand. However, when not equipped with "Grain Valley Power" products, but "Grain Valley Power," the raw materials used in peanuts, soybeans

, Red bean, mung bean, buckwheat, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and other grain seeds.

Sponsored flying return

Who are enthusiastic to participate in China's Fujian aerospace companies, if the Chinese art of space technology applications to enterprise

Industry products, or that the most cost-effective return.

"China's space to form lasting bonds with 7 years, it is also a substantial increase in sales to take off Olympic seven years." Peak CEO Xu

Hua said: to become "China's space industry partners," greatly increased the brand awareness. In addition, Pick also from

Rocket-propelled principle, the core innovation of the Olympic basketball shoes CUSH-ION-3 three cushioning technology, which not only take

To the patent, is also widely used in NBA player Shane Battier, McKee, Landry and others in the exclusive boots.

And the following "God eight" Flying Fujian three seeds in the ground, the learned will be submitted to Huaqiao University, Quanzhou and Agriculture

Research Institute for selection and training, which first settled in Quanzhou bean seeds will Hui'an acres farm, the fastest you can enter a year later

The market.

Hui Kang Group originally conceived, it is hoped that through the "seven gods" for space breeding, as the "Grain Valley Power" to provide high

Production, high-quality, nutritious whole grains high raw material.