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Medical Fair Fujian popular purchases can become large distribution center for medical devices

Medical Fair Fujian popular purchases can become large distribution center for medical devices

Southeast Network - Strait News November 3 (Reporter Huang Lidong Li Xihui / paper bag China / Chart) four-day 66th in the

China International Medical Equipment Fair, the 13th China International Medical Equipment Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "medical Bo

Council ") from October 31, held in Fuzhou, tens of thousands of customers flocked to Fuzhou, Fuzhou, for a time was struggling to cope, not only the car

Difficult to fight, even stay also extremely nervous. Medical Fair Why so popular? Fujian distribution center can become a medical device? Reporters have

Were investigated.

Fancy medical equipment regional advantages in Fujian

The Medical Fair theme of "basic health care solutions" featuring comprehensive coverage of medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electrical

Son, optics, first aid, rehabilitation nursing and medical information technology, outsourcing services on thousands of products, including medical device industry

From the source-to-end chain of the entire medical industry.

Government officials promote the medical device into a command tour Aspect Medical Fair. Medical Fair held at the county party secretary Wang Jiangxi Jinxian

Min Wan Kay County Hongda Group with local, well-known enterprises such as econazole group hundreds of people had come to Fuzhou, the "National Jinxian

Level medical equipment industry base "to do promotion.

"We value the advantages of the Economic Zone in Fujian." Jinxian county Wan Kay told reporters that they are to this

Fujian, China's medical device investment industry base, with a total planned area of ​​12 square kilometers, and strive to produce three years to fight the ten billion

Industry, a national first-class medical business industry base.

Manufacturers competing exhibitors took aim at the Fujian market

The Medical Fair exhibitors from Germany, the United States, Britain and more than 20 countries and regions, a total of more than 2,400. Medical Fair as

Asia-Pacific region's largest medical equipment and services exhibition, the host venue located in the Fujian, meaning extraordinary.

Reporters learned that a career in medicine Fair organizers, the Chinese medical instrument and equipment market has great potential, the active participation of exhibitors than

Is higher. China Pharmaceutical Group, GE Healthcare (GE), Hitachi, Siemens, Philips, Xinhua, Mindray, Neusoft, Wan

East, Carestream and other well-known companies are participating, China launched a series of grassroots medical institutions for medical product solutions

The case.

In these enterprises, there have been numerous first took aim at the Fujian market, they not only will the first time several new products on the Fuzhou

Release, but also specifies the public and the Fujian-related training programs.

$ 50 billion to be "eating"

"Medical device industry, the market is quite large, the current breakdown of the domestic market, such as the production of high-end manufacturers in Shenzhen

Medical equipment mainly production of low-end medical equipment, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang tend to imitate, imitation, although the division of labor is different

, But are involved in the medical device division of labor in the industrial chain. "To the micro (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of the instrument autoclave

The American-owned company, yesterday the company's sales manager Shijian Hai Straits in Fuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition at everywhere at once,

Customers to the booth from time to time to discuss cooperation matters.

Shijian Hai told reporters that the domestic medical equipment market pie is large enough, although the manufacturer can not be the front line with intense foreign

Confrontation, but the domestic manufacturers are gradually growing strength.

In 2010, China's medical device market for the first time 突破千亿元 yuan mark, and 23% of the high success rate jumped

To second in the world. The United States and a leading strategic consulting services market forecast, "five-second" period, China's overall health

Medical instrument and equipment market will double, reaching $ 53.7 billion.

Apparent advantage of purchasing medical equipment distribution center

To attend the exhibition many people in the industry are optimistic about the medical device industry in Fujian the advantage, because in order to help the business Putian

Representatives of the private hospital management groups all over the north and south, was a huge amount of procurement of medical equipment, with considerable industrial and market


"Fujian Putian now have the basis for the development of medical device industry, a rare opportunity." Exhibitors Lee believes Putian

Fun private hospital providers can help medical device industry will be able to expand, so in the long run, the development of the medical device industry in Fujian

Enough stamina.

Putian XIUYU the door to do the show

Putian City Super Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Business Unit Manager, Wang Jinhua, is optimistic about the door of the business. Wang Jinhua, said Fu

Built out of private hospitals in the medical equipment procurement this one enough to attract the eye. Over the past decade, each year during the Spring Festival, the country

Representatives of medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers have used the opportunity to Dongzhuang people home for the holiday, gathered in the East Town for business negotiations, and spontaneous

Forming a medical device pharmaceutical market, trading has expanded each year.

Reporters learned from the parties concerned, China Putian Eighth Medical Drug Fair in early 2012 Xiuyu

East Town to hold another exhibition of medical equipment drugs, more than the previous size and momentum.