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(The Ukraine) bilateral import and export commodities guidance list

(The Ukraine) bilateral import and export commodities guidance list

To promote the development of bilateral trade between China and Ukraine, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming First Deputy Prime Minister and with the black gram Trade Minister Liu Aliyev signed in June 2011, "Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Ukraine on a regular exchange of bilateral economic and trade import and export commodities guidance List of the Protocol. " Under the protocol, the two sides will regularly exchange import and export commodities guidance list. List will be included in the respective advantages of the two export commodities, as both companies to trade reference, non-binding.

2011 mid-December the Uruguayan government economic and trade cooperation between the Commission during the first meeting of the Sub-Committee, Vice Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan Wu trade with the First Deputy Minister of Bafu exchanged with subjects in the black list of guiding the import and export commodities. Now issue the following list:

Ukraine's exports to China guiding manifest
Chinese exports to Ukraine guidance list

(Source: Ministry of Commerce, European Division )