Hohhot October new housing price decrease of second-hand house prices stable

Reporter yesterday from the National Bureau of Investigation Team learned Hohhot, Hohhot, new housing prices in October were down 0.1%, second-hand housing prices were flat.

According to reports, compared with September, October, 70 major cities, new housing (excluding affordable housing) prices in 34 cities, 20 cities were flat, rising to 16. Hohhot October new residential (excluding affordable housing) price index for the first time down the chain, fell 0.1%, in 70 cities located in the middle. With 70 cities of Baotou City, new housing prices were down 0.2%, slightly larger than the decline in Hohhot.

October, 70 cities in the country, second-hand house prices fell 38 cities, 19 cities were flat.
Among them, 90 square meters small second-hand housing units the city has decreased by 38, flat 15; 90 m2 - 144 m2 medium size cities, decreased 37, flat 15; 144 square meters units lower than the previous 35 city, 16 flat, house prices are above Hohhot and 9 were unchanged.