Mayor Guo Jinlong inspection Municipal Commission of Commerce to implement the responsibility system of punishment and prevention system to promote the completion of tasks such as work

Construction in accordance with the city's overall anti-corruption work arrangements, December 15, led by City Mayor Guo Jinlong honest government, accountability second inspection team examined the Municipal Commission of Commerce to implement the responsibility system of punishment and prevention system to promote the completion of the task, etc. aspects of the work.

Guo Jinlong, the municipal government and the Secretary-General Sun Kanglin members of inspection teams visited the hall after the Municipal Commission of Commerce office, listened to the party secretary of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, Lu Yan, director of Municipal Commission of Commerce to implement the responsibility system of punishment and prevention system to promote the completion of the task its work.

Guo Jinlong of the Municipal Commission of Commerce Independent risk prevention in the management of network build, clean government and business integration of efforts and the establishment of special funds for business development mechanism, joint audit work fully affirmed. Guo pointed out: Municipal Commission of Commerce in implementing the responsibility system has done impressive work in promoting the city's economic development, protect the market to pick up a steady supply of work in the beam, a strong, outstanding contributions. Conscientiously implement the business systems policies and measures to promote consumption, provides a convenient way of consumption, enhance security of supply market, a variety of ways to reduce distribution costs, increased foreign trade efforts, continued weakness in external demand, prices rose faster, and active implementation of the limited car, house and other control measures limited to the case, the positive results achieved, consumption, foreign investment, foreign trade and foreign economic and other indicators of tasks smoothly, to promote the capital's economic and social development has made important contributions.

Guo stressed that the Commerce Commission should take the check as an opportunity to deepen honest government, to further promote the functional changes and performance improvements. 1 accurately grasp the situation and tasks, to further enhance the sense of responsibility to promote anti-corruption and awareness. Cadres to adhere to solve the problem of business systems, comprehensive, punitive and preventive measures, focusing on preventive approaches, conscientiously sum up the clean and successful experience the Olympic Games, to intensify its efforts to promote honest government, commercial work to a new level. (2) strict implementation of honest government, accountability, and promote the punishment and prevention system. To strictly implement the responsibility system, leading groups and leading cadres to effectively carry out this major political responsibility; to push forward the punishment and prevention system, according to the central and municipal requirements, control the program, successful completion of the task. 3 further promote the integrity risk control management, and actively work to prevent corruption and create a new situation. Grasp the key link, priorities, management oversight and long-term mechanism.

Guo Jinlong requirements, Municipal Commission of Commerce the opportunity to firmly establish the awareness and sense of urgency, work hard to keep the spirit of courage for the state, earnestly implement the central economic work and the Party Plenum, around the steady growth, structural adjustment, benefit people's livelihood and maintain stability, co-ordinate planning, promote international trade center, business work creatively to do next year. First, on the further expansion of consumer demand and new measures. To continue to tap the consumption potential, actively attract foreign consumption, and cultivate consumer hot, open up new consumer and accelerate the formation of multi-point support of the consumption patterns. Second, the transformation and upgrading in the promotion of foreign trade on new ideas. To maintain the share of international trade, at a higher level, higher level planning and foreign trade, actively participate in global economic division of labor and cooperation, accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development mode, make every effort to "Beijing Fair" organized work, and as an opportunity to promotion of foreign trade structure adjustment and optimization, and continuously improve the level of opening, efforts to create "Beijing service" brand. Third, the protection of the capital market should have a new contribution to the supply. System to further improve the supply of goods, improve the distribution channels to further reduce distribution costs, and strengthen emergency regulation to ensure a steady supply of daily necessities.

After the briefing, the inspection team and the Municipal Commission of Commerce departments had a discussion, and access to relevant information.