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Cheng Hong, vice mayor of the city research the "double self" and "going global" enterprises

Cheng Hong, vice mayor of the city research the "double self" and "going global" enterprises

December 29, 2011, led by Vice Mayor Cheng Hong Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Beijing Customs and the relevant person in charge of river walls of Beijing Co., Ltd., Beijing Jia beautiful home fashion Co., Ltd. and Beijing snow lotus Textile Co., Ltd. conducted an investigation.

Cheng Hong and his party watched the Beijing Hall Co. river wall, listen to the company as a leader in technological innovation, product development, engineering design, precision manufacturing, installation, construction, consulting services, export of finished products in one, to attract international talent, the occupation overseas market report on the situation of high-end curtain wall, and after visiting the company's production plant; good beautiful home in Beijing Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Beijing snow lotus fashion Textile Co., two "double self" export business research, the way to listen to the company responsible for the red line who founded the company's own brand, market expansion and future development plan of the report, and visited the showroom.

River wall of Beijing Cheng Hong Co., Ltd. developed the high-end products to capture high-end market overseas, said the results achieved highly positive, encouraging enterprises to seize the opportunity to strive to improve the "Beijing manufacturing, Beijing service" level, in the international market to make an example, for even greater success next year. For the "double self" export enterprises, Hong Cheng made three wishes: one to pay attention to the market, the international market is changing, but changing pregnant with new opportunities, companies find their own position in the international environment find their own target market; second is to focus the brand, companies in the bigger process, we must cultivate its own brand, country and Beijing in support of its own brand to go out and market competition ultimately relies on the brand and channels, which are the core elements of the strategy, we want companies to develop their own brands to the international market; third is concerned about business model innovation, pure manufacturing trade or pure type has its own limitations, to explore new export-oriented enterprises operating mode, the upstream and downstream supply chain co-ordination, form type or combination of resources integrated business model, is a very good future direction of development.

Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Yang Zhiqiang, deputy director of Municipal Commission of Commerce for the beam, deputy director of the Sun Yao, deputy inspector Han Wen, Beijing Deputy Commissioner of Customs Qiuyue Ling, Yang Jie, deputy director of Beijing CIQ and Shunyi District, Chaoyang District accompanied by relevant leaders attended the investigation.