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Inner Mongolia coal chemical Standardization Technical Committee set up

Inner Mongolia coal chemical Standardization Technical Committee set up

Inner Mongolia coal chemical Standardization Technical Committee was established on 19 December, becoming the first regional Quality and Technical Supervision approved an autonomous region of Standardization Technical Committee.

It is understood that regional coal chemical Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for coal chemical industry base standards, management standards (quality, technology, operational procedures, equipment and technology requirements, safety, environmental protection, energy and resource consumption, etc.), product standards (coal-oil products, coal olefins products, coal methane gas products, coal products, downstream products of methanol, dimethyl ether downstream products, etc.), inspection methods and other areas where standards and revision and validation work, and actively seek commitment to industry standards, national standards system revised mandate, to actively participate in international standardization activities for government, industry and enterprises to provide standards-based technology services.

Regional coal chemical Standardization Technical Committee set up in Inner Mongolia coal will help to promote the standardization of the chemical industry, the autonomous region within the healthy development of related industries play an effective role in promoting and specifications. Local standards first, and it can make the Inner Mongolia in the relevant industries standardization in the nation, the right to speak, to promote industrial development and upgrading of strategic significance.

It is understood that "five" period, will focus on the construction of 60 regional industry clusters, including 14 chemical industry cluster, accounting for 23.3%. Autonomous rational use of resources will further accelerate the development of coal chemical industry, actively develop new energy, promote clean energy, alternative energy and rapid development, vigorously develop coal chemical downstream products, form a chain, extend the industrial development. Focus on building the production of methanol, ethylene glycol, dimethyl ether, coal oil, coal gas, coal technology, chemical fertilizers, calcium carbide, polyvinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, coal-bed methane development and utilization of other products, while development of chemical fertilizers, POM, polysilicon and other advantages of the product characteristics of the coal chemical industry gathering area; take full advantage of abundant lignite resources, raise quality by pyrolysis, gasification of coal chemical product development, focused on creating energy and heavy chemical industry base.