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November 1 part of Inner Mongolia's economic growth target to achieve new breakthroughs in stable

November 1 part of Inner Mongolia's economic growth target to achieve new breakthroughs in stable

Reporters learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bureau of Statistics, 1-November, the region's overall stable macro-economic growth, some indicators to achieve a breakthrough, soaring prices contain the initial momentum.

From January to November, the region more than 50 million fixed asset investment projects completed 1.056809 trillion yuan, up 22.7% over the previous year. Three times industries, investment in secondary and tertiary industries reached 5,000 yuan in the tertiary industry growth over 3 percent. The first industry was 48.496 billion yuan investment, up 25.1%; secondary industry investment 501.991 billion yuan, up 15.9%; investment in tertiary industry 506.321 billion yuan, an increase of 30.1%.
From the industry perspective, manufacturing is the largest investment in the industry, the region's manufacturing industry shows the vigor and vitality, manufacturing investment of 277.291 billion yuan, 26.2% of total investment, an increase of 43.5%. See from the project number, year of construction, new construction, commissioning projects surpassed thousand, the number of 15 411 construction projects, an increase of 23.1%; new projects 12505, an increase of 26.4%; production number of items 10851, an increase of 23.7%. Persistent in the regulation of national and regional efforts, the region rapidly rising prices of basic momentum has been checked, start stabilization. In November, the region's consumer prices rose 4.6%, marking the lowest monthly increase this year, basically established downward trend in price increases. 1-11 months, the region's consumer prices rose 5.6% increase over the previous 10 months, down 0.2 percentage points.