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Beijing to become the largest source of investment in Inner Mongolia

Beijing to become the largest source of investment in Inner Mongolia

Reporters from the meeting of December 24, 2011, Beijing and Mongolian counterparts in regional cooperation forum on helping understand, currently in Beijing, Inner Mongolia has become the largest source of investment.

Over the past year, the Beijing municipal government invested 70 million yuan, the county and the unit donated 30 million yuan in Inner Mongolia, helping to implement the 30 key projects, more and more Beijing enterprises to invest in Inner Mongolia. January to November, Beijing Mongolian co-operation projects to 373, the introduction of capital 108.3 billion yuan, accounting for investment funds available in Inner Mongolia 38.1%, of which Beijing is a business capital in place 42.4 billion yuan. Beijing has decided to help further increase the input of the Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, next year will help fund invested 80 million yuan and an annual rate of 8%.

It is understood that, since 1996, according to the central deployment, Beijing began to help my district counterparts. August 2010, Beijing signed two agreements Mongolia, decided to carry out a full range of regional cooperation, and start helping a new round of Beijing Mongolian counterparts. Regional cooperation for the region of Union City, focused on helping their counterparts in Chifeng and Wulanchabu cities, 44 selected Beijing to Inner Mongolia, sending cadres, helping to promote the work of their counterparts. Next, Beijing will further intensify its efforts to continue to implement good government investment in poverty alleviation projects, and actively promote the 16 districts and counties of Beijing and Chifeng, two cities 16 counties Ulanqab comprehensive help cooperation, focusing on the economic combination of cooperation and poverty alleviation and development, highlighting the key areas of economic cooperation, to guide a variety of social forces invest in Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Mongolia to promote economic cooperation to achieve a new leap.