Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Beijing signed two health aid and business cooperation framework agreement

December 24 morning, the Beijing Municipal Government and the regional government Metro Hotel in Hohhot health aid and commercial cooperation signed two framework agreements.

Beijing Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Jilin and Autonomous Region Party Committee, Vice Chairman Pan Yiyang attended the ceremony.

Under the agreement, directly under the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau 15 Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other departments help their counterparts in 15 Inner Mongolian medicine hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry to promote the Inner Mongolia Mengdian comprehensive, coordinated and rapid development, further improve the efficiency of medical resources and medical services level.
Meanwhile, Beijing Cancer Hospital and the Hospital of Inner Mongolia Mongolian international partnerships to further enhance the Inner Mongolian international aspects of hospital treatment in the treatment of cancer professional and technical level, so that cancer patients receive the most efficient, safest, most effective diagnosis and treatment of high-quality .

Under the agreement, Beijing will be market-oriented, market advantage to play Beijing and Inner Mongolia, industries, resources, Inner Mongolia, high-quality specialty products to further enhance the market competitiveness, enhance cross-business cooperation, expand business cooperation, thereby enhancing the commercial circulation of level of development, promote business development in Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

Autonomous regions and relevant departments in Beijing and responsible comrades of the ceremony.