Shanghai Commercial exceeded 2011 sales target to achieve the "three" leading

In 2011, the Expo effect of weakening external spend less and a larger sales base last year, higher prices restrict consumption unfavorable circumstances, the Shanghai Commercial and actively carry out marketing promotion, layout and accelerate business restructuring, maintain circulation, and consumption continues to grow, Value-added and business tax contribution rate continues to rise, the city's role in boosting economic restructuring and development further highlights, to achieve the "five" development of a good start. According to Statistics Bureau Express data, the Shanghai Commercial realize the "three lead":

First, the consumer to maintain the size of the country's leading cities.
In 2011, Shanghai completed the total 677.711 billion yuan of social consumer goods retail sales, an increase of 12.3%, exceeding the planned target retail sales (676 billion yuan, an increase of 12%), consumer-scale hit the city record, were maintained in 2004 Since the double-digit growth for eight consecutive years and the scale of the National Center for urban consumption leading position.

In 2011, the National and Beijing, respectively, total retail sales of social consumer goods 18.1226 trillion yuan, 690.03 billion yuan, up 17.1%, 10.8%; Shanghai's retail sales up 1.5 percentage points faster than Beijing, 4.8 percentage points lower than the national; retail sales of 12.319 billion yuan less than Beijing.

Second, the consumption scale, the growth rate ahead of the total investment in fixed assets. In stimulating economic growth, investment, exports, consumption, this major force in consumer size and growth for two consecutive years ahead of the total investment in fixed assets. In 2011, total retail sales of social consumer goods Shanghai is higher than the size of the total social fixed asset investment (506.709 billion yuan) 171.002 billion yuan, the growth rate higher than the total social fixed asset investment growth rate of 12 percent.

Third, the commercial network density and convenience of maintaining the country's leading cities. 2011, legal entities and more than 120,000 commercial, more than 400,000 the total number of outlets, with 57.6 per million commercial outlets. According to the Shanghai Chain Store & Franchise Association, 2011, the city's 13,900 member network, to achieve the city's retail sales of 128.252 billion yuan, an increase of 6.5%, representing the city limits over 26% of retail sales of consumer goods companies. Where: city chain supermarket retail sales of 66.604 billion yuan to achieve an increase of 4.3%, convenience stores, discount stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail sales were up by standard 9.2%, 6.9%, 5%, 0.6%.