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Spring CUP bankcard transactions exceeded 100 billion yuan up by over three percent

Spring CUP bankcard transactions exceeded 100 billion yuan up by over three percent

People's Daily Shanghai January 31 (Reporter Wei-Qun Xie) China UnionPay latest trade data released in 2012 during the Spring Festival (New Year's Eve to the sixth month), CUP card transactions amounted to cross the territory of 102.9 billion yuan, an increase of 32%, the amount of foreign trade an increase of 39%. Credit card transactions mainly in living expenses such as travel and tourism fields, innovative payment services and agriculture-related business transactions also increased substantially, reflecting the CUP cards in people's livelihood, stimulate consumption, to promote social progress and improved quality of life and other people of the important the role.

Overall, spending the Spring Festival was warming up before the holiday, the week before the Spring Festival (2012 January 14 to January 20), domestic UnionPay bankcard transactions 476.8 billion yuan, more than a week before Chinese New Year 2011 (January 26, 2011 to February 1) increased by 40%. Credit card spending during the Spring Festival is focused on public services like business, New Year's Eve to the sixth month, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants and other business transactions during the Spring Festival, the amount accounted for 30% of the total transaction amount above, an increase of 33%, respectively, 39% and 16 percent.

With tourism, transportation and other industries improve the bankcard acceptance environment in recent years, holiday travel, travel, scenic and other related businesses to maintain a rapid growth in credit card payments. During the Spring Festival, fuel, passengers, travel agencies and large area businesses such as credit card ticket transaction amount, respectively, an increase of 52%, 75%, 37% and 28%. Railway credit card purchase transaction amount in the window during the Spring Festival last year increased by more than 7 times. Meanwhile, more and more cardholders through the "UnionPay online payment" to buy train tickets online.

Chinese New Year holidays, overseas travel became fashionable. Benefit from the use of CUP cards continues to expand, not only Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and South Korea, the more common use of CUP cards in countries and regions CUP card transactions up by a substantial increase in Europe such as Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland are doubled. United States, Canada, Vietnam, Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates and other popular tourist destinations increases CUP card transactions are also among the highest rates.

In addition, agriculture-related businesses of innovative payment card transaction and a new high, showing that urban and rural bank card acceptance environment optimization and service levels. During the Spring Festival, the people through the "CUP convenient payment points" and the Internet, mobile phones, smart TV, fixed telephone and other innovative payment channels to pay utilities fees 370 million, an increase of 64%. Agricultural equipment and other services, "three rural" merchant credit card transactions amounted to 180 million yuan, an increase of nearly double; to "work to earn money, the door of withdrawal" as the characteristics of the bank card services, migrant workers, transaction amount 755 million yuan, an increase of 28%.