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With 57.6 per thousand outlets Shanghai is the country's leading business network density

With 57.6 per thousand outlets Shanghai is the country's leading business network density

According to the "Labor Daily" reported with 57.6 per thousand outlets, Shanghai is dotted with commercial outlets for public consumption, provides a great convenience. Reporters recently learned from Shishang Wei, Shanghai's business last year, more than 120,000 corporate units, total number of outlets over 400,000, with 57.6 per million commercial outlets, such as density and convenience of urban centers in the country to stay ahead of the level of .

According to statistics, Shanghai Chain Store & Franchise Association, a member of the city unit of 13 900 outlets, retail sales of 128.252 billion yuan last year to achieve the city, an increase of 6.5%, representing the city limits over 26% of retail sales of consumer goods companies.
Among them, the chain supermarket to achieve the city's retail sales of 66.604 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%, convenience stores, discount stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail sales were up by standard 9.2%, 6.9%, 5%, 0.6%.

In addition, statistics show that retail sales last year, Shanghai business district achieved 634.447 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9%. To maintain the city's Pudong New Area, the first retail scale. Shanghai resident population according to 2010 calculations 2301.9 million last year, Shanghai's per capita retail sales in counties exceeded 28,000 yuan for the first time. Among them, eight center, 8 counties and the Pudong New Area, per capita retail sales were 3.82 million yuan, 22,500 yuan, 2.39 yuan, Huangpu District, Jing'an District leading the city's per capita retail sales were 9.48 million, 91,600 million. The suburban retail sales growth and contribution rate one step ahead. Last year, the eight central area, eight counties and the city's Pudong district on the contribution of additional retail sales were 30.3%, 49.3%, 20.4%, pulling the city's retail sales growth of 4.5, 7.3, 3.1 percentage points .