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Factors town of Ngong two signed three oil and gas co-ordination to promote exploration and development of harmonious

Factors town of Ngong two signed three oil and gas co-ordination to promote exploration and development of harmonious

Aung San Su E-town before the flag is one of the main producing areas Sulige gas field. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of pastoralists to ensure the smooth construction of the development enterprise, the town through the implementation of "one sign three two coordination" management service mechanisms to promote the exploration and development oil and gas resources in harmony.
"A sign", is the business in the construction of the project determined to be involved with construction projects herdsman, Gacha, Town People's Government signed the construction agreement, clear responsibilities and obligations of the parties. "Three" is the town of pipe Gacha, Gacha tube pastoralists, corporate employment.

Town government to arrange for someone to help manage oil and gas exploration and development Gacha; Gacha responsible for the pastoral policy advocacy and daily management; construction enterprises to strengthen the management of construction personnel and vehicles, and personnel information and Times station input mobile population management system. "Two co-ordination" is the town government set up special leading oil and gas development coordination office, standard operating procedures, to strengthen the coordination of services; Gacha set up corresponding coordination leading group of oil and gas development, oil and gas development with the town office leaders coordinated exploration and development of resources and service management from the completion of exploration and development company entered into service to track the whole process.
Through this mechanism of operation, within the town in 2011 Aung Su 32 operating companies, signed an agreement with the herders more than 560 copies of the town, Gacha oil and gas co-ordination of co-ordination to resolve contradictions and disputes run 210 times, timely, immediate, timely mediation to prevent conflicts, the formation of a herdsman, business, government and support each other and build a harmonious and a good situation.

(Compiled and distributed: Inner Mongolia Finance Information Center Source: Erdos Finance Bureau website)