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General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 79 of 2011 (the 2012 Tariff Implementation Plan)

General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 79 of 2011 (the 2012 Tariff Implementation Plan)

Approved by the State Council, "2012 tariff plan" since January 1, 2012 onwards. The situation now announced as follows:
First, the import tariff adjustment (a) the MFN tax rate:
1. Of photosensitive materials and other 52 kinds of commodities continue to implement the tax from the amount of tax or composite (see Table 1).
2. 8 classes of wheat and other 47 items of goods continue to implement tariff quota management.
On the number of quota imports of certain cotton slip-tax forms to continue to implement the tentative tax rate, and adjust the sliding formula. For urea, compound fertilizer, diammonium phosphate fertilizer continue to implement three kinds of provisional allotment of 1% tax rate (see Table 2).
3. All items on the nine non-information technology products continue to manage the implementation of customs inspection.
4. Other MFN rates remain unchanged.
(B) part of the fuel oil and other imported goods provisional tax (see Table 3).
(C) In accordance with the relevant countries or regions in China signed a trade or tariff agreements, the implementation of relevant national or regional agreement rate (see Table IV).
(D) According to the relevant countries or regions in China signed with the trade or tariff agreements, bilateral exchange of notes as well as the relevant decisions of the State Council, 3 to Laos and other Southeast Asian countries, 30 countries in Africa such as Sudan, Yemen and other G-7, identified a total of 40 United Nations the least developed countries to implement preferential tax rate (see Table V).
Second, the export tariff adjustment on some export commodities such as ferrochrome provisional tax; on the part of the fertilizer to impose special export tariffs (see Table VI). Other export taxes remain unchanged.
Third, according to the World Customs Organization, 2012 edition of "Harmonized System" directory revisions, combined with the actual production and trade of China, China's tariff lines and make the appropriate conversion (see Table VII), and according to the domestic tariff items need to be adjusted for some (see Table 8), the conversion and adjustment, "Republic of China Import and Export Tariff" (2012 edition) a total of 8194 tariff lines.
Fourth, the Customs Department has issued the "General Administration of Customs decision on commodity classification," "Republic of China Import and Export Tariff - Statistics catalog their subheading notes," according to the announcement Table 7, Schedule 8 of the contents of the control implementation.
Notice is hereby given.

Schedule: 1. Tax and the amount of imported goods from the composite tax rate table
2. Tariff rate quota of imports of goods table
3. Imported goods provisional tax table
4. Agreement on imported goods tax table 4-1 4-2 4-3   4-4 4-5 4-6
5. Imported goods preferential tax rate table 5-1 5-2
6. Export tax rate table
Version corresponds to the transfer tax table 7.2011-2012 7-1 7-2
8. Import and export tariff codes table


December 22, 2011