General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 80 of 2011 (adjusted statistics on commodity items 9803 Name and statistics range)

For the correct implementation of United Nations standards for trade in goods and services trade statistics standards, is adjusted to "Customs Statistics Catalog" in items 9803 and its sub-goal under the trade names and statistics, as follows:
First, since 2012, under heading 98.03 and subheadings used only for their own reporting specific to a particular user's specific needs and the export of software development; non-customized software export and import software should be classified in accordance with the carrier and statistics.

Second, the trade name of heading 98.03 to "customized computer software (for export only, excluding cure, or integrated with the product as one of the software)"; sub-headings 9803.0010 its trade name changed to "customized system software (refer to constitute a computer system or other digital computing devices operating environment, operating system software platform to support applications running) "; sub-headings 9803.0020 its trade name changed to" customized support software (refer to the operating system software and application software between providing application software design, system testing and other auxiliary functions of the software is running) "; sub-headings 9803.0030 its trade name changed to" customized application software "; sub-headings 9803.0090 its trade name changed to" other customized software. "
Third, since 2012, of heading 98.03 is no longer included in China's foreign trade in goods statistics, the implementation of the customs of their individual statistics.
Notice is hereby given.


December 26, 2011