Battle: seize the opportunity to strengthen the implementation of accelerating the development of cultural prosperity in our region

January 31, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, deputy party secretary, chairmen of autonomous regions battle in the autonomous region propaganda and cultural research, stressed the need to thoroughly implement the major decisions and plans of the central and the regional party committee on the culture of reform and development, and accelerating the development of cultural prosperity in our region.

Battle, accompanied by the regional party committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Publicity Department of Ulan, Regional Vice Chairman Liu music, has come to Inner Mongolia Daily Inner Mongolia, Xinhua Publishing Group, Inner Mongolia Library, Uli Siegel Palace of Fine Arts, the regional radio and television media Building, Inner Mongolia National Song and Dance Theatre and Inner Mongolia, the understanding of the cultural system, the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, condolences to the propaganda and cultural system of cadres and workers and with the autonomous-related cultural enterprises and institutions, the person in charge of seminars, listen to comments and suggestions. Inner Mongolia Daily Inner Mongolia, Xinhua Publishing Group, Inner Mongolia National Song and Dance Theatre and Inner Mongolia publishing group of the person in charge of the unit the actual forum, to further accelerate the reform of cultural system, and promote cultural development and prosperity of our region to put forward opinions and suggestions.

After carefully listening to their speeches, Battle said, fully aware of the research in the autonomous region of several key cultural enterprises and institutions, propaganda and cultural systems in our region changes, the new results obtained. In recent years, the regional party committee, the Government attaches great importance to the cultural construction, insist on the one hand and cultural undertakings, with one hand and the cultural industries; both enriching culture and intensifying management, culture building an important step forward, and made remarkable achievements. Established a public cultural service system covering urban and rural areas, creation launched a large number of fine art, Cultural restructuring made a major breakthrough, the news media work around the center, serving the overall situation, the right direction, give full play to the important role of the mainstream public opinion and propaganda front autonomous regions and sound and rapid economic development and safeguarding social harmony and stability to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, has made important contributions.

Battle pointed out that the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session to make the decision to deepen cultural restructuring to promote the development and prosperity of socialist culture, and provide new opportunities for the development of cultural change in our region. Eighth-ninth Plenary Session of the autonomous regional party committee, autonomous regions and the Ninth Party Congress a comprehensive arrangements, put forward specific demands of cultural construction. We should conscientiously implement, and further increase the cultural building efforts, and strive to achieve a new leap in the region from the national culture, national culture strong area.

Battle pointed out that the vast territory of our region, region, level of development between urban and rural differences in large, very difficult to achieve equalization task of public cultural services. Should further strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, increase efforts to public cultural facilities, continue to implement cultural projects that benefit, to speed up the formation of public cultural service network covering both urban and rural areas, and strive to the end of the "12", the key indicators of public cultural services to achieve The goal of the national average. Efforts to increase the protection and development of the grassland culture, focusing on culture and arts personnel training, efforts to shape the grassland culture brand, and promote the grassland culture of the country, to the world to achieve in the protection of heritage and innovation in development. Cultural undertakings with one hand and the construction of one hand and development, while strengthening the construction of public cultural service system, strengthen the fine art creation, providing high-quality literary and artistic works for the masses. To speed up to promote the development of cultural industries to optimize the layout, fostering the growth of the leading cultural enterprises, the promotion of cultural industries to focus on gathering the intensive development, the formation of a number of distinctive and influential cultural industry brand. To further deepen cultural restructuring and adhere to the guidance. The same time, deepening government reform of the cultural management system, to achieve the main changes to the tube culture dominated by the office culture. Strengthening of the news media around the autonomous regional party committee, government center, intensify public opinion and propaganda, and improve the timeliness, authority and credibility of public opinion to guide, influence. Strengthen online guidance of public opinion and public opinion analysis judged that enhance transparency. Strengthening dissemination of capacity-building efforts to create a first-class media.

(Compiled and distributed: the Inner Mongolia Department of Finance Information Center Source: Inner Mongolia Daily)