Shijiazhuang City, meat and eggs, vegetables prices began to fall after the Spring Festival

According to the monitoring of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Chinese New Year holidays after the end of the city necessities dishes of meat and eggs prices began to fall. Meat, fruits, aquatic products, eggs, prices fell, mainly vegetable prices down, milk prices are basically stable.

The monitoring data show that after the holidays, meat wholesale price of 27.92 yuan / kg, weeks, decreased by 3.12% of fresh pork, fresh beef wholesale price of 24.9 yuan / kg, 32 yuan / kg, weeks, decreased 2.47%, 11.11%, fresh mutton prices were flat, the whole chicken an average wholesale price of 12.7 yuan / kg, weeks, decreased 8.63%, eggs, average wholesale price of 7.7 yuan / kg, unchanged from last week, the retail price of 7.97 yuan / kg The pericyclic decreased by 1.36%.

Monitoring of the 18 kinds of vegetables, 12 kinds of price decline, six kinds of prices, cucumbers, green peppers, eggplant, peppers, cabbage, rape decrease, respectively 26.16%, 23.25%, 18.87%, 18.79%, 15.79%, 13.03%; monitoring of the six kinds of fruit the average wholesale price is 4.53 yuan / kg, weeks, decreased 18.96%.