The autonomous region held a food and drug supervision and management work conference to seriously perform its regulatory duties to ensure the safety of the public diet medication

Held on the 8th, autonomous regions and food and drug supervision and management work conference, the reporter was informed that this year, the regional food and drug supervision and management system will focus on the protection of the central task of the public diet drug safety, earnestly perform its regulatory duties, and to crack down on illegal activities, ensure that the public diet medication safety, and promote the industry, legal and orderly development.
Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee of the Milken Jiang spit La Hong, Regional Vice Chairman Tieli Waldi Amudurexiti-attended the meeting.

The party secretary of the regional Food and Drug Administration this year, the regional food and drug regulatory system will increase the version of GMP and the new specification, the new standard of supervision and implementation efforts, combined with the promulgation of implementation of the new version of GSP, do a good job certification and Shengde inspection. Medicines, medical equipment business license management, improve market entry and exit mechanism. Speed ​​up the autonomous regions, prefectures, two in particular, is a newly established technology and equipment for inspection and testing institutions building, enhancing medicines, medical equipment inspection and testing capabilities. The gradual establishment of catering services food, health food, cosmetics inspection system. This year will be to encourage large and medium-sized key pharmaceutical distribution enterprise sales, the introduction of guidance to support the development of the chain extends to the communities and towns, vigorously develop the outlets-based drug chain management. To the full implementation of the area for food and drug safety situation analysis and risk assessment system, food and drug safety and quality traceability system, the formation of the source can be traced back, fate can be held responsibility for security chain.
The reporter also learned that this year, the regional food and drug regulatory system will vigorously carry out the school cafeteria, tourist attractions, places special rectification of key aspects of the procurement of raw materials, the use of food additives. The same time, accelerating the electronic monitoring, the end of February, all manufacturing enterprises in the region of production of essential drugs varieties must be endowed, all the basic drug distribution enterprises must go through a electronic monitoring network to upload data to the end of February 2013, our region has added to the essential drugs varieties will be included in the electronic monitoring range.