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Information construction in Xinjiang usher in a period of development

Information construction in Xinjiang usher in a period of development

Recently, the State Council officially approved to determine the Urumqi City, the second stage of "triple play" integration of the pilot cities, which marks the triple play pilot work in our region is about to start. Autonomous regions by the Information Commission this year for our region for the first time to win four of Things application projects, totaling 600 million yuan of funds to effectively promote the development and application of our region in the field of Internet of Things.
2011, the development of our region's information technology industry to achieve new breakthroughs, to further enhance the level of information, electronic information industry to play a growing role. 2012, the autonomous region to further increase efforts to the information technology industry, information construction in Xinjiang usher in a period of development.

Taobao Xinjiang online merchants 12000
"Pro-crafts you want I'll send you." February 5, operating online in Urumqi, Qin Xiaomei between the fingers whipped again made a business deal. Around the Spring Festival, the business of the shop, many mainland customers have a soft spot in Xinjiang handicrafts, I am ready to expand the types of arts and crafts, and more to attract customers. "Turning to the New Year, Qin Xiaomei smug.
Xinjiang, although the land in remote, but in recent years, e-commerce has been an extraordinarily vigorous development. As of late 2011, Taobao shop in Xinjiang online merchants reached 12,000, and the emergence of a number of e-commerce platform Xinjiang fruit.
"This is a manifestation of Xinjiang and industrialization combined with the depth." Autonomous region by the person in charge of the Information Commission, our region's information infrastructure, e-government, e-commerce, information society, enterprise information technology in rural areas of information technology information industry and other fields have achieved remarkable progress. At present, Xinjiang, "two" fusion demonstration enterprises has been increased to 62. Metallurgy, nonferrous metals, medicine, machinery manufacturing industry, ERP (enterprise resource planning) to promote the application rate has more than 60%. At the same time, the development of information industry to achieve new breakthroughs. Estimated that the 2011 Information Industry, the main business income of 23 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20 percent, income of $ 2.5 billion software services industry. Software Park Construction and completed an investment of 180 million yuan, respectively, signed a $ 20.15 million software development contract and $ 20 million outsourcing contract with Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries and ZTE. The cloud computing industry to promote autonomous regions and the Ministry of Huawei, ZTE, the dawn of cloud computing platforms located in Xinjiang. Local fiber optic cable lines the total length of 223,000 km, up 17.4 percent; mobile phone users reached 16.66 million, an increase of 22%.
Bottlenecks in the development of electronic information industry is expected to "12" Resolution
In 2011 the region's information industry realized main business income, the fastest growth in electronic information industry, an increase of more than 30%.
Deputy director of the Regional Commission by letter A weak Métis Mamou mention a recent interview with the media, said that the growing role played by the electronic information industry in our region, is now dedicated to electronic information materials, photovoltaic electronic devices, electronic components, electronic and electromechanical products, electronic measurement instruments, and other characteristics of the electronic information product manufacturing and multi-lingual system software, application software, IT services as the main software industry to achieve a historic leap.
Fruitful at the same time, Xinjiang development of electronic information industry is still inevitably there are some problems. "Weak foundation for the development of electronic information industry, small overall size of the market less competitive; promote the development of the industry leading enterprises in key industries, key enterprises, the lack of overall strategy for the application of information technology to enhance the competitiveness of participation in major engineering and project construction competitiveness; our region has made some breakthroughs in a number of standards and key technologies, but the results were low level of industrialization, the majority of electronic information products in the value chain in the low-end, high value-added product development capability to be strengthened; human still prominent structural contradictions of resources, lack of the thinker professional skills but also understands the complex talent in IT, has become constrained and influenced the development of our region's electronics and information industry to a certain extent. "autonomous regions and Commission by letter of the person in charge .
'Second five' autonomous region will focus on resolving these issues, to promote the characteristics of electronic information industry is sound and rapid development. "The official said.
Information construction in Xinjiang usher in a period of development
This year, Xinjiang will also vigorously promote the "two" fusion demonstration project, add "two" fusion demonstration enterprise for more than 60 support the "two" integration project for more than 20, to promote 2-3 integration of the two experimental zone . Speed ​​up structural adjustment, promote to improve the industrial chain of polysilicon and silicon, aluminum electronic materials to further expand the scale, the integrated application of solar PV a major breakthrough, double the size of the silicon industry.
Held on February 6, autonomous regions and projects to promote autonomous regions by the Information Commission and deputy party secretary, deputy director Su Guoping said on the forum, in 2012, the regional information technology key projects include: project of the autonomous regions and important information off-site disaster recovery center, Xinjiang software Park construction projects, pilot demonstration project of triple play, Uighur, Kazakh language information resource sharing projects. Which, Xinjiang cloud computing industry development projects will be completed in 2020 in Urumqi and Karamay data center construction, and make it at home and abroad with a greater influence in the data center base of the formation of the storage capacity accounting for the new storage 10% -20% of the amount of 300 000 cabinet, cloud services output value of 30 billion yuan / year.