Festival prices of daily necessities in our province is a general decline in

According to the Commerce Department monitoring, the main necessities of the market in our province last week (January 30-February 5) the overall smooth operation. From the category view, the increase in average wholesale prices of edible oil, grains, meat, whole chicken, eggs, vegetables, aquatic products, fruit categories, the average wholesale price decline. Monitoring of 81 major commodities, the price of pericyclic rose 21 species, accounting for 24.71% decline in 55 species, accounting for 64.71 percent, and nine kinds of balanced, accounting for 10.58%.

● The rise in edible oil prices. Bulk oil categories, the average wholesale price of 15.55 yuan / kg, an increase of 0.13%.

● The decline in food prices. Food categories, the average wholesale price of 4.08 yuan / kg, down 0.49 percent.

● decline in meat prices.
The average wholesale price of fresh pork 25.82 yuan / kg, down 2.09 percent, fresh beef 34.12 yuan / kg, down 4.35 percent, fresh mutton 49.58 yuan / kg, unchanged from last week.

● whole chicken prices decline. Whole chicken the average wholesale price of 14.61 yuan / kg, down 3.63 percent.

● decline in the price of eggs. The eggs average wholesale price of 7.09 yuan / kg, down 4.7 percent.

● the price of vegetables decreased. Vegetable average wholesale price of 4.65 yuan / kg, down 5.49 percent.

● Aquatic prices decline. Aquatic products, the average wholesale price of 12.76 yuan / kg, down 4.63 percent.

● fruit prices fell. Fruits, the average wholesale price of 5.18 yuan / kg, down 1.33 percent.