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Chen Deming stressed: to maintain stable foreign trade policy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

Chen Deming stressed: to maintain stable foreign trade policy to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade

9 to 11 February, the Minister of Commerce Chen Deming in Anhui conducting business research. Chen Deming, respectively, in Hefei, and Ma On Shan hosted the import and export situation in the forum and circulation of the forum, and inspected the the Valin car, White Eagle Group enterprise.

In the research process, said Chen Deming, China's foreign trade more obvious downward trend since the second half of last year. In January of this year, export growth declined, although seasonal factors, but also reflects the development of foreign trade is facing unstable and uncertain factors have increased, should attach great importance to this trend. Chen Deming said that the situation is more complicated, the more we should enhance confidence.
To strengthen research, calm analysis, closely track changes in the foreign trade situation, and enhance the work of the initiative, to grasp opportunities for development. The Commerce Department will conscientiously perform their work, and actively support enterprises to expand their business.

Chen Deming said that in accordance with the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, highlighting the grasp of the general tone of "Wenzhongqiujin", focusing on steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting balance, "the three major tasks to achieve foreign trade steady and rapid development. Chen Deming stressed the need to maintain the stability of the foreign trade policy. He said that Premier Wen Jiabao recently in Guangzhou to study pointed out that overall import and export policies to maintain stability, if you do adjust, it should be encouraging more restrictive. MOFCOM, together with relevant departments, stable growth in foreign trade policies and measures to ease the pressure on enterprise funds, and increase the support of fiscal policy, improving the export credit risk protection mechanism to keep the exchange rate basically stable, and respond to trade friction, improve the level of trade facilitation to support foreign trade enterprises, but also will focus more on support for small and medium-sized and micro enterprises to accelerate the development of.

Chen Deming said, should continue to promote the foreign trade structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading. To support enterprises through research and development efforts, cultivate independent brands, improve the marketing network, and gradually extending to the high-end chain, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to create new advantages of foreign trade competition. While consolidating the traditional markets, vigorously develop new markets; at the same time to promote the transformation and upgrading of the eastern region, accelerate the development of foreign trade of the central and western regions. Chen Deming also pointed out that to continue to adhere to a policy of actively expanding imports and promoting balanced development of foreign trade.

In the flow of work the forum, Chen said, expanding domestic demand and maintain steady and rapid economic development is very important, a priority of the business system to speed up the construction of modern circulation system, improve circulation efficiency. Circulation to reduce distribution costs, to facilitate the consumer to protect commodity security, the development of the service production. The Commerce Department will actively study with the relevant departments to further improve the circulation of the field of infrastructure construction, and network distribution, standardize the market order, and constantly push forward the reform and development of the circulation.