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District will build the East of the Xinjiang fruit production and marketing chain

District will build the East of the Xinjiang fruit production and marketing chain

Reporters learned from the Regional Business Working Conference: 2012, our region will strengthen the construction of urban and rural modern circulation system, cultivate to build the East of the Xinjiang fruit production and marketing chain, to promote agricultural production and marketing integration.

The Commerce Department will explore the long-term mechanism to address agricultural products difficult to sell and buy expensive "to build the production and marketing chain," Xinjiang fruit East; implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement signed with Carrefour (China), and guide Xinjiang products to enter the large retailers, global procurement system to encourage 30-50 agricultural backbone circulation enterprises the Yuanjiang provinces and cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and 10 wholesale, farmers markets and shopping malls, supermarkets, a number of special agricultural products exhibition hall, showrooms, specialty stores, outlets and sales area; focus on supporting trade and logistics center in Urumqi, Kashi, Yining - Horgos, Korla, Kuitun urban construction; built and upgraded a number of agricultural product wholesale markets, farmers markets and markets to build the agricultural backbone of the market network, the new transformation of the 1500 farm shops and a number of rural commodity distribution centers.
It is understood that the 2011 upgrade our region's transformation of 52 agricultural products wholesale and farmers' markets, the implementation of the innovation model of agricultural products 15 projects, organized 10 large-scale corporate agriculture super-docking; the region into the modern circulation of the national agricultural pilot project 49, project investment a total of 976 million yuan; promote the "Ten Thousand Villages market works" to build a farm shop in 3217, 30 distribution centers, the chain of farm stores covering 85 percent of the township and 70 percent of administrative villages; to promote the region's pharmaceutical logistics distribution and chain business development, and completed the construction of nine urban distribution centers, coverage of more than 60% of the region.