Corps to start strong quality, please request a plastic image to deepen the work style of cadres construction activities

February 10, the organization and personnel of the Corps held a video conference, start the strong quality of the plastic image "to deepen the work style of cadres, Song Ho, Minister of Organization Department of the Corps attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Song Ho pointed out that, to carry out a "strong quality of the plastic image" to deepen the work style of cadres construction activities, is the Corps of organizational and personnel system response to the Central Organization Department and the Corps called on to further strengthen the important initiatives of the organization and personnel departments of their own construction.
Corps organization and personnel system from start to finish to promote the Corps, of leaps and bounds and long-term stability as the starting and ending points of the construction activities to deepen the work style of cadres, the Corps is the focus of hot spots, difficulty, and the masses of workers look forward to as the entry point of activities, the focal point, in close connection with the organization and personnel priorities, with the grasping event, problem-solving thing, do practical effectiveness of the practical effect of inspection activities.
Song Ho requirements, the Corps organization and personnel system to stick around the center, strengthening the theory of armed enhance capacity-building, deepening A Good activities, the implementation of talent development plan, and promote organizational and personnel work to better serve the Corps of science across development, and further build the model department and a strong team to ensure that activities of solid progress, and achieve results.