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I am in Russia and other commercial counselor for our region's enterprises "going out" suggestions

I am in Russia and other commercial counselor for our region's enterprises "going out" suggestions

In the afternoon of the 10th, the Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other seven countries gathered to participate in the support Xinjiang symposium organized by the Commerce Department. You Counsellor at the meeting to speak in turn, described in detail the respective Permanent Mission of the country's foreign trade environment and Xinjiang enterprises in the local development, Xinjiang enterprises better to "go out" advice.

Participants Counsellor unanimously said that countries opening up and developing the western region and the central leapfrog development in Xinjiang, a series of important strategic plan, they will continue to support the smooth development of Xinjiang business, in time for the enterprises in Xinjiang resident country policy information , published risk warning for cooperation between our business matchmaking to help speed up Xinjiang enterprises "going out" pace. Listened to China - Secretary-General of the Asia-Europe Expo, the introduction of the Xinjiang International Expo Affairs Bureau, Li Jing aid the work of the Second China - Asia-Europe Expo, Counsellor said that this year will continue to increase in the permanent country Asia-Europe Expo promotional efforts to attract more Central Asian enterprises to come to the exhibition.
In addition, the Counsellor also suggested that China's Xinjiang enterprises should seize the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union was established historical opportunity with Russia's accession to the WTO, the use of a good 2011 docking of the Sino-Kazakh railway in Kazakstan International Border Cooperation Center, to break into the export logistics bottlenecks.
It is understood that in 2011, Xinjiang's foreign trade hit a record high, total imports and exports 22.822 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 33.2 percent growth rate 10.7 percentage points above the national average. With exports of $ 16.829 billion, an increase of 29.8%; imports $ 5.993 billion, an increase of 44%. Kazakhstan is still in Xinjiang, China's largest trading partner, the first ten billion U.S. dollars trade to Kazakhstan last year, reaching $ 10.6 billion $ 17.9 billion, import and export of the five Central Asian countries and Russia, accounting for 78.4 percent of the region's foreign trade.
Regional Vice Chairman Shi Dagang, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.