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Our region during the year subscription management online office

Our region during the year subscription management online office

The reporter learned from the regional Development and Reform Commission: To enhance fee transparency of management policies, improve performance and service levels, reduce the work link, autonomous regions and Reform Commission organized technical personnel to the old fees management software system to replace old ones, to change the past, fee management system only for internal use, public charges, management information via the Internet, announced the charging policy of the state and autonomous region, publicity fees and charges of the charging unit and fight for online annual review this year, online office.
The upgrading of the fee management system, designed to reflect the management of charges in Xinjiang is an open and transparent, efficient and convenient service to the community requirements.
Community access to the policies and fee charges files free of charge via the Internet, to view the charging unit charges, bid for the license fee "apply for the license fee" annual inspection.
Recently, the Development and Reform Commission in two phases for handling charges to further improve the region's development and reform the management level and quality, good after the revision of fees management software, operating, and 2012 annual work, and gradually realize the online annual review and permit fees, autonomous regions and the development of the reform of the system billing software and charges for business training courses, Xinjiang 168 in fees work (state, city), county (city) Development and Reform Commission conducted a systematic training was held.