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Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps "red products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps "red products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries

Recently, the 22 regiment of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Second Division, a pepper plant transporting 150 tons of fresh chili exports of Spain to meet export demand, the reporter in the factory to see a vehicle large trucks filled with fresh dry chili is preparing shipment. Up to now, the plant has completed 2000 tons, export of pepper, is expected by the end of February more than 2,500 tons of pepper exported to Europe and the United States.
22 regiment of the Second Division, located in the basin, the climate and soil conditions suitable for growing peppers, tomatoes and other cash crops.
Over the years, to occupy the geographical advantage on the basis of an annual spring, will pepper cultivation of land, varieties, field management of the pesticide, fertilizer and other information to establish a special file, and pepper plant, strict monitoring of agricultural pesticides residues, heavy metal residues and other indicators. 22 group always take the "base + company + farmers" the path of development, the geographical advantages into economic advantages, to achieve the mission field, companies, farmers win. Today, the red pepper industry brought wealth to the local farmers has been called by the locals play "red industry.
Xinjiang Long Ping High-Tech Red An 22 group general manager of the pepper plant Li Taiping: "Today's factory goods vehicles, 150 tons of pepper exported to Spain since 2005, our factories since the product in mid-exports by customer recognition and praise, because this few years the export trade relations, to set up a good trade sales channels, our plant is foreign to a good reputation and influence. "
Reporters standing in the vast Gobi looked capped snow-capped mountains, far from the hands of the workers and turning red pepper gray Gobi handed hui India, formed a beautiful landscape.
Workers: "(Yunnan) Zhaotong Qiaojia County, hey, I heard here earn money, our family had come, the children go to school here, my wife even Yanqi package, the package grapes to."
It is understood that the 22 groups of red pepper have been exported to India, Pakistan, Germany, South Korea, the United States, Japan and other countries.