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The seize Beitun inaugurated opportunities Nongshishi strive to foster a culture of tourism

The seize Beitun inaugurated opportunities Nongshishi strive to foster a culture of tourism

Since the opening of the Spring Festival on the eve of the Second Beitun snow Cultural Tourism Festival day, attracting many tourists come to experience the Merino of the most northern city in China - Beitun unique charm of ice and snow culture.
Seize Beitun City was formally established Nongshishi Kui Northern Railway completed and the opening of the development opportunities to promote Beitun gradually developed into the Altay region's transportation center, the center of the flow of commerce, education center, health center and logistics distribution transportation hub based , continually tap the historical resources, enhance the tourism grade, efforts to form a fusion of historical, natural and cultural resources of the intersection of travel patterns, tourism has become a major highlight of the economic development.

Full Beitun City to explore the local culture particularly rich tourism resources, and strive to foster a special tourism culture, based on the town side, General Zhang Zhonghan built division Beitun addressing the historical background of swords into plow with the word "Beitun - China's North the center of the settlement "this modern Chinese settlement Cultural Card; play" Road to Jane on the basis of historical allusion Genghis Khan have in Beitun the Saran point of ruling the country, too benevolent, and win the world "this ancient Te-jen, culture card. At present, the Nongshishi Tunkenshubian Historica, tin Bodu Qing Dynasty guarding the frontier crossing, the Merino artistic experience base in North West Frontier first even, Pearl Mountain Cold War sites and tourist attractions such as scale.
According to reports, last year, Nongshishi, Beitun cultural tourism industry and cultural infrastructure to achieve leapfrog development in the Eighth Five-Year Plan Mission, one hundred eighty-three group won the national characteristics of the tourism town and the National civilized towns, "the title ; six scenic spots successfully declared as national AAA level scenic spots.