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Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, the operation of the market monitoring in January 2012 briefing

Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, the operation of the market monitoring in January 2012 briefing

Until the end of January through the area necessities of the market, production market, 34 samples of the three major markets of key circulation enterprises enterprises, 40 kinds of products for monitoring, area market operation and monitoring of goods as follows:

First, the necessities of the market. 35 kinds of edible agricultural commodity prices this month, the 32 kinds of commodity prices rose, accounting for 91.43% of the variety of monitoring, including: increase of more than 10% of the 16 kinds of other commodity prices rose 10%. Three kinds of falling commodity prices, accounting for 8.57% of the varieties of monitoring.
: (A) The average retail price of food commodities compared with December 2011, rising from the classification. Rose 2.07 percent. Small package of rice retail price rose 0.17%, small packing flour retail prices rose 8.68 percent.
The average retail prices for a variety of bottled edible oil rose 1.03 percent, the monitoring of soybean oil, peanut oil, canola oil, cooking oil prices edged up. The data show that grain and oil prices steadily this month.
(B) the meat of all varieties the average retail price increase compared to December 2011. Central rose 4.34 percent, the average retail price of pork was 32.21 yuan per kg. Lean meat (pork), retail prices than the Central rose 3.59 percent, the price rose by 32.31 yuan per kg to 33.47 yuan per kilogram; pork (pork), retail prices than the Central rose 5.13 percent, the price rose to 29.43 yuan per kg per kg 30.92 million. The retail price of eggs decreased by 3.97% compared with December 2011, the retail price by 8.31 yuan per kg to 7.98 yuan per kg, egg prices continue to fall. Milk retail price rose 4.85%. Yogurt, domestic and foreign brands of infant milk powder, adult milk powder price broad based, but the increase. Compared to sugar retail prices in December 2011 rose 1.64 percent. Increase compared to December 2011, the average retail price for a variety of edible salt, rose 2.75 percent.
(C) focus on monitoring the 18 kinds of vegetables, farmers market average retail price increase compared to December 2011. Chain rose 37.5 percent, or larger. Vegetables the average price of 5.5 yuan per kilogram, all the prices of vegetables broad based, and prices rose more than 10% up to as much as 16 kinds. The largest varieties of vegetables prices rose pepper, green pepper, melon, prices rose 76.98 percent compared to December 2011, 75.09%, 69.91%.

Overall this month, the prices of a variety of vegetables all the way up the other necessities of life m, flour, oil, pork, milk, sugar, salt and other retail prices, retail price of eggs down. Commodity prices of the necessities of the market in January, the cold weather, vegetable cultivation and transportation costs increase, coupled with the Chinese New Year festival market boost the role of commodity prices rise rather than fall.

Second, the goods market. The average retail prices of refined oil by 9368 yuan per ton in December 2011 dropped this month 9338 yuan per ton, compared with December 2011, down 0.32 percent, down 6.62% in sales in December 2011.

Three, focusing on the flow of wholesale and retail enterprises. Sales income of 252,094,800 yuan, down 0.72 percent compared to last year. Food and beverage industry achieved operating income of $ 2.4 million, an increase of 8.6 percent compared to last year. The lodging industry achieved operating income of 3.14 million yuan, up 29.75 percent compared to last year. Other operating income of 2.031 million yuan.