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40 state-level development zone counterparts Yuanjiang

40 state-level development zone counterparts Yuanjiang

Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Department of Commerce revealed that a few days ago, the future of the park proposed by the Ministry of Commerce according to the Xinjiang Development Planning from the 19 counterparts Yuanjiang provinces, to determine the 40 national development zones to support the park, to determine the 32 Xinjiang industry gathering in the park for the recipient Park. Park, select a specific support recipient park in accordance with the geographical scope of the counterpart Yuanjiang, support to government guidance, the park cooperation enterprise-based "principle to establish a counterpart cooperation mechanisms.

It is understood that in the next five years, Xinjiang national industry gathered the park development plan in accordance with the "12th Five-Year Plan" autonomous region "two with two districts to co-ordinate layout of Xinjiang, state-level industrial park, economic zone of the Tianshan Mountains, the Tianshan southern slope of the industry with poverty-stricken areas of three southern states and border alpine region. 2011 to 2015, build Kashi, the Horgos two economic development zones to enhance a number of existing national industrial aggregation level of development of the park, the upgrading of a number of national industry gathering in the park, industrial park development to cultivate a number of characteristics, making it an important carrier of foreign trade and attract investment, the formation of a number of domestic and international market, each with advantages of export-oriented industrial clusters.
"12th Five-Year" period, autonomous regions and plans to focus on supporting 10 industry gathered park upgrades or new set to national parks, the National Economic and Technological Development Zone 7, a national high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Border Economic Cooperation Zone two.