Urumqi Customs clearance performance has improved significantly 24 hours of export cargo clearance rate of 99.77%

Urumqi Customs closely the District situation of Xinjiang, and actively promote the export of classified clearance region through customs such as a series of business reform, initial completion of the "regulate the export, convenient import" of the regulatory pass off mechanism, consolidated supervision of quality constantly improve port customs clearance performance improved significantly export 24 hours and the clearance rate of 99.77 percent last year, 82 percent of exports of goods to achieve the rapid release of low-risk.
In 2011, Urumqi Customs earnestly implement the eight measures of the overall strategy and the General Administration of Customs of the National Regional Development to support Xinjiang to open wider to the outside world, has introduced a 25 93 specific implementation measures, and played an active role.

At present, the Urumqi Customs has signed and 20 directly under the Customs regional customs cooperation agreement, played a prominent role for the implementation of the National Regional Development Strategy, to achieve smooth flow, and promote trade facilitation. Urumqi Customs has opened "green channel" for the characteristics of agricultural products in Xinjiang, Xinjiang advantage agricultural exports, create specialty products export base, formed for the Central Asian market, a prominent feature of industrial clusters. According to statistics, last year, Xinjiang characteristics agricultural exports of $ 935 million, an increase of 9.7%.
In addition, Urumqi Customs around to play a special area radiating to carry out the relevant policy advice for economic development zone in Kashgar, Horgos, effectively promote the functional integration of the Export Processing Zone in Urumqi and policy overlay, through communication with local governments to participate in Urumqi, Alashankou Integrated Free Trade Zone, the planning and construction of special supervision areas.