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"Orders" sing the three groups of 70 industrial restructuring and the main theme

"Orders" sing the three groups of 70 industrial restructuring and the main theme

February 12, 70 Third Regiment of Agriculture Chief of Watson CHAN said, this year, 5.05 million mu of farmland in the whole regiment in 2012 to achieve full order planting, and all planting high value crops.
In order to do the mission field adjustment of industrial structure, the regiment in the crop this year to take "six rules", the "weak" preferential rules; "reunification" law; "majority" rule; masses voluntarily rules; open and transparent rules and market rule.
"Weak" preferential rules, Silian and the company's minority poverty Mugong exemptions and subsidies in rice cultivation on the land, water and other agricultural infrastructure costs. The same time, certain preferential policies for land ridge relatively thin, with special emphasis on salinity land, are given in terms of the workers raised Laser Leveling.

"Reunification" law. In order to prevent the emergence of the "Flower Field", to facilitate the anti-rule system, the regiment's uniform crop varieties, crop, unified management of fertilizer, a unified technical training, unified pest and disease control, unified mechanized operations "reunification" based on soil conditions do.
"Majority" rule. The company's large field within a unified crop varieties, to take a small number of people to obey the principle of the majority of people, Tin pipe work to facilitate the workers to do.
Voluntary participation rules. Regiment to take the masses of workers "have the final say in structural adjustment, especially with the increased in recent years, seed crops such as corn and rice output, and with the national food subsidy intensity increase, workers consciously choose to plant high value crops.
Open and transparent rules. Planted in the mass of each company 70 3 2012 plan of the company workers, even the disclosure bar post the greatly enhanced public transparency of the crops, but also to the whole regiment of cadres and workers can be guided group games industry the direction of the structural adjustment to adjust.
The rules of the market. For seed corn, rice is a relatively stable market prices of agricultural products, the regiment through the winter of science and technology, argument, and feature films and other forms of high-yield indoor scene, the science to guide workers to grow high value crops, so that all workers has a negative win or negative loss ideas, further develop the ability of workers take the initiative to break the market.
The Erlian regiment workers Feng Ying Jiang said, now 70 Third Regiment farming to high value crops, it is necessary to improve land productivity, so that their own pockets bulging ".
It is understood that the seed corn of the regiment area from 2011 to 4800 acres this year, workers registration planting seed corn area of ​​10,000 acres; rice area increased from 5,000 acres to 1,000 acres, the enthusiasm of the workers planting high value crops particularly high. In recent days, the rice purchase price of 2.8 yuan per kilogram, the National Development and Reform Commission announced 73 mass of first-line growers hot topic, the staff have to say, or a variety of rice this year, and only worry about the marketability of the crop in order to To ensure that family income. 70 Third Regiment in charge of Daejeon, agriculture, deputy head of the Wu Guichun said, the seed corn seed companies inside and outside Xinjiang contract, acquisition of all rice production introduced by the mission field processing capacity of 20,000 tons of refined Miyi plow excellent millet Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 1.7 million mu of wheat planted by the annual production of 20,000 tons Gongliu 70 Third Regiment Yang powder Co., Ltd. All acquisitions. "