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The Shihezi your flight, heavy product innovation is expected to last year sales of 230 million

The Shihezi your flight, heavy product innovation is expected to last year sales of 230 million

The reporter was informed the Shihezi your flight Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to product innovation, continuous technological innovation, and last year produced a total of 185 cotton picker, complete development and small batch production of the tomato harvester.
In 2011, the company expects to achieve sales revenue of 230 million yuan, industrial added value of 10 million yuan.
The Shihezi Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation was established in September 2005, by the Guizhou Aviation Industry Group and Nong Bashi, Shihezi City State-owned Assets Management Co., a joint venture, is currently the only one to produce self-propelled cotton picker business. The main products of the company's large-scale cotton picker and tomato harvester has been made more than 10 national patents.
It is reported that since the founding of the company to the current total production of 412 cotton picker.
The company's market demand, to invest 80 million yuan in 2008 to start one, two technical renovation project, the target of an annual output of 150 cotton picker. In early 2011, the company has invested 50 million yuan launched three technical transformation project, the new plant has been put into use, the cotton picker assembly line is installation and commissioning is expected to able to be completed in February of this year. By then, the company will form a production capacity of annual output of 250 cotton picker.
The the Shihezi your flight, general manager of Zou state rights, said: "Company and the Italian CRF cooperation, development and production of 4FZ-2 was completed in 2011 self-propelled tomato harvester technology to promote identification and small batch production."