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Hebei Province Department of Finance's economic construction at the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce Trade in Services Department on issues related to domestic service system launched in 2012

Hebei Province Department of Finance's economic construction at the Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce Trade in Services Department on issues related to domestic service system launched in 2012

Related to the prefectural or municipal finance bureau, the Bureau of Commerce:

To promote the development of domestic service, and improve people's lives, according to the Ministry of Finance General Office General Office of the Ministry of Commerce on issues related to domestic service system launched in 2012 (the Finance Office to build the spirit of [2012] No.14), 2012 Ministry of Finance Ministry of Commerce decided to continue in some cities to carry out the pilot of the domestic service system, the notice of the matter is as follows:

A support content.

A. Select a city with districts, cities domestic service system pilot.

First, support the high standard construction, domestic service network center and key support for third-party businesses to use modern information and triple play technologies, construction and improvement of the domestic service network center, integrating the resources of domestic service, rich services, strengthen management, improve service quality for the public provide supply and demand and docking services.

Support the specification part of the management, well-run large-scale leading domestic enterprises to accelerate the construction of chain stores, improve information management system, to strengthen the training of practical operation of classrooms and other facilities and specialized equipment; support a number of small and medium-sized professional Yuesao infant early childhood and home care domestic service enterprises to speed up the stores and employees of temporary help room transformation, strengthen the construction of office systems and service management system, to purchase the necessary computers, printers and other office equipment and professional service equipment.

Pilot cities selected a greater demand for domestic service, good basis for the work, with a large domestic service meet the requirements of companies (requirements attached), and have not been undertaken since 2009, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce of urban domestic service system pilot tasks and Home Economics service network center the task of building the city.

Two. Choose a Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce to support the building of domestic service network center, but no support for the city to cultivate a large domestic service enterprises, mainly for supporting nurture 2-3 large domestic service enterprises.

Second, support of standards.

In principle supports the standard domestic service network center over 3 million yuan, each of the major leading domestic service enterprises are not more than 1.5 million yuan, each small and medium-sized professional domestic service enterprises does not exceed 30 million, does not exceed the total amount of investment 50%.

Third, the organization and implementation of procedures.

A. Financial information about the city with districts, the business sector together with relevant departments in accordance with the notice requirements, combined with the local actual proposed to carry out domestic service system application, together with the pilot cities Filing Form "(Annex 4), stamped with the financial, commercial department official seal at February 17, 2012 submitted to the Provincial Department of Finance (Economic Construction Department), Department of Commerce (MAST Office) on the newspaper fails to be deemed a waiver.

Two. Provincial Department of Finance in conjunction with the Department of Commerce according to the municipalities to declare, considering the size of cities, working foundation to develop the province a pilot cities and a large domestic service companies focus on supporting the pilot cities, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce.

3. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and through the pilot municipal finance, the business sector according to the size of the funds issued by the central finance, combined with local matching the actual situation, to develop pilot cities for domestic service system implementation of the program, on April 10, 2012 report sent to the provincial financial department, the Department of Commerce the first instance, after the first instance by the provincial Department of Finance, Department of Commerce to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce for the record. Implementation of the program by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce for the record by the organization before the implementation of

The pilot program shall include the following: the general idea of ​​the project implementation, specific objectives, the specific content and mode of the system, program feasibility analysis, operational methods and implementation steps, the project arrangements and the implementation of the enterprise, total investment, sub-project investment, have been implemented and the proposed implementation of the local matching funds, cash management practices and other.

4. Pilot cities of finance, commerce departments should strictly in accordance with the implementation of the program organization and implementation. Provincial commercial departments should work together with the financial sector supervision of project implementation, acceptance in a timely manner after the completion of the project. Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce will be timely implementation of the project to conduct random checks.

Fourth, the job requirements.

A. The pilot cities should attach great importance to the experimental work to improve the working mechanism, strengthen organization and leadership. Implementation of the program to scientific planning, overall layout, focus, and implementation of related measures outside the central fiscal policy to support efforts to build a rational layout, and efficient operation of the domestic service network.

Two. Pilot work to adhere to market-oriented operation, enterprises as the mainstay, give full play to the leading enterprises in the leading role. The pilot cities for business, finance and other departments in accordance with the principle of open, fair, transparent, tender to select the best enterprises participating in the pilot. The project arrangements to publicize the information and publicity without objection before the organization and implementation.

3. Pilot cities for business, financial departments should strengthen the supervision of projects and funds. Interim Measures for the evaluation and management of fiscal expenditure performance (FB [2011] No. 285) with the relevant provisions of the development of performance evaluation program, and carefully organized and implemented to strengthen the track the efficiency.

Respective City in accordance with the notice requirements, pay close attention to the work of program development and project application, found in the work with the provincial Department of Finance, Department of Commerce Contact.

Economic construction of the Provincial Department of Finance Department 66651297,66651271 (fax)

Department of Commerce services trade at 87909176 (telephone, fax)

Annex 1: domestic service network construction specification

Annex 2: large-scale leading domestic service enterprises construction specifications

Annex 3: small and medium-sized enterprises to build norms of professional housekeeping service

Annex 4: pilot cities in the Filing Form

February 14, 2012