Sanya City has been identified as the pilot cities of the country the third batch of renewable resource recycling system

According to the Commerce Department's Office to determine the third batch of renewable resource recycling system of the pilot cities, "(commercial circulation of the letter [2012] No. 51), Sanya City and 35 cities have been identified to the country the third batch of renewable resource recycling system pilot cities.

In recent years, Sanya municipal government attaches great importance to the renewable resource recycling system construction and management, support and organize the relevant departments have done a great deal of effective work. In 2008, the introduction of the Sanya municipal government and the implementation of Sanya City of renewable resources recovery net in set planning, renewable resource management in Sanya City, "the" Sanya City renewable resources recovery net rectification program ".
To strengthen management, Sanya City, has organized a remediation action, at the same time the rules and regulations, and achieved remarkable results. Currently, the city were set three renewable resources, distribution center, transfer station 11, 66 temporary recycle bin.

Sanya City is to develop a pilot implementation of the program, will pilot the opportunity to strengthen the construction and management of renewable resources, and actively build eco-city, improve environmental quality, the larger context of international tourism island, Sanya is trying to strive to become the "vanguard".

Province existing Haikou, Sanya, two cities, the Commerce Department to determine the construction of a pilot city for the national renewable resource recycling system.