Notice on the 2012 Joint Annual Inspection of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (the Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau of Statistics SAFE)

Issued by the Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau of Statistics of Foreign Exchange Bureau
【Release No.] Shang Zi Han [2012] 98
[Date 2012-02 -

In order to seriously implement the "Circular on the implementation of the joint annual inspection program of foreign-invested enterprises" ([1998], MOFTEC issued 938, hereinafter referred to as "Notice") spirit, good 2012 Joint Annual National Enterprises with Foreign Investment inspection work, the relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

A March 1 to June 30, 2012 joint annual examination for foreign-invested enterprises during office hours, annual inspection of the contents of the 2011 foreign-invested enterprises operating.
In our country, according to the law approved the establishment and registration, to obtain legal personality of foreign-invested enterprises are required to participate in the annual inspection within the specified time.

Second, the joint annual inspection departments should strictly in accordance with the "notice" requirements, organize and carry out joint inspection work, according to law, carry out their duties, strengthen coordination, advocacy training, supervision audit, the pooled analysis and inspection enterprises according to the specified parameters the punishment all aspects of joint cooperation, efforts to improve participation in inspection rates, to ensure data quality.

Third, the joint annual inspection departments should conscientiously do a good job online annual inspection of foreign-invested enterprises, reduce to receive paper materials. Annual inspection of the data sharing among the various departments should be strengthened to improve data reporting convenience. After the end of the annual inspection, annual inspection information of the industrial and commercial administrative organs shall foreign-invested partnerships notification to the competent department of commerce at the same level.

To carry out the areas of electronic signature pilot work, should work to ensure financial support for the premise, shall not be apportioned to the enterprise costs.

Fifth, encourage enterprises to entrust accounting firm with related qualification on behalf of completing the annual inspection data. The accounting firm should be in accordance with the Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China "," CPA Law "," corporate financial and accounting reports Ordinance and other financial and accounting regulations and systems requirements, objective, true and fair view of the forensic examination and complete the relevant data.

Do not declare annual inspection, did not accurately declare annual inspection or the existence of illegal production and business activities, violations of enterprises, joint annual inspection of each parameter inspection and quarantine departments should be in close communication and processing in accordance with their respective functions in accordance with the law.

, The joint annual inspection departments should strengthen the guidance of the primary inspection work, to grasp the progress of work, coordinate and solve problems in the annual inspection to ensure the orderly conduct of inspection work; to strengthen the joint annual inspection staff training effectively improve the level of its business; to strengthen the statistical analysis of annual inspection of the data, the rich annual inspection data forms and distribution channels, the use of the annual inspection of the data to carry out special analysis, and effectively enhance the annual inspection data value in use for government decision-making. Inspection work after the end of a summary analysis reports, on July 31, 2012 before the State Council department in charge.

Attachment: Joint Annual Inspection Report for Enterprises with Foreign Investment (2012 Edition)