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Provide strong financial support for the pilot reform of the Municipal County

Provide strong financial support for the pilot reform of the Municipal County

In recent years, the livelihood of the people to protect and improve the efforts to gradually increase, and county governments need to take the people's livelihood expenditure is also increasing, the contradictions among the county-level fiscal revenue and expenditure is still more prominent. Therefore, the implementation of the provincial government the ability to further increase the financial support of the provincial finance the pilot counties to expand their power, to enhance its own financial self-development and the provision of public services on Municipal County pilot opinions " has a very important practical significance.
There are two main provincial financial support for advancing the policy of the pilot reform of the Municipal County:

First, financial institutions and mechanisms to support. Starting this year, the provincial government will not yet included in the financial management system of the scope of the pilot in the direct control of the County to expand their power pilot counties included in the scope of the reform, the pilot counties of the province's 22 to expand their power all into the context of the reform in the financial system, transfer The six aspects of the payment, financial budgets and final accounts, cash management, financial settlement, debt management, the provincial financial management to the county. Arrangements by such financial institutions and mechanisms to expand their power pilot counties will benefit from the three-pronged approach. First, the allocation of funds transfer payments, issued, appropriated, and financial budgeting, balance sheet approved aspects of direct to the county, to reduce the intermediate links, shorten the work processes and improve work efficiency, pilot counties to expand their power in order to make more timely and efficient to get the provincial allocation of funds. Second, expanding the right to pilot counties enjoy the same privileges and municipal finances, their own decisions need approval by the municipal finance matters in the past to achieve a faster project application, the indicators issued, capital allocation, thereby mobilizing the independent financial management of the county finance accelerate the development of the enthusiasm. Third, provincial of the fiscal policy measures directly to the county, the pilot counties to expand their power in a more timely and more comprehensive understanding of a variety of financial information, and more in place to understand and master a variety of fiscal policy. County-level fiscal operation and problems can be quickly reflected in the provincial finances. Up and down of the financial management information accessible, direct management measures in place, the county finance more scientific, efficient and reasonable arrangements for the work.
The second is to support financially. Starting this year, tax revenue growth over the previous year to expand their power pilot counties in the general budget revenue part of the provincial, municipal finance will be turned over to the provincial, municipal revenue increase of 50% awarded to the pilot counties as development funds, to further enhance its financial strength. 2012-2015 average annual growth rate of 15% calculations, after the reform, the 22 pilot counties each year to enjoy the province and municipal levels, financial incentives, capital of 680 million yuan, 4-year cumulative enjoy the rewards of capital of 2.74 billion yuan, compared with the pre-reform 22 pilot counties each year to enjoy the incentive funds will be increased by $ 500 million, four-year cumulative increase of 20 billion yuan.
Next, the provincial government also deployed in accordance with the arrangements of the pilot work of the Provincial Municipal County, to further improve the financial system and mechanism of the provincial pilot counties to expand their power, grasp the implementation of fiscal policy measures. Further increase the pilot counties to expand their power and special transfer payments, and constantly enhance its financial strength, to enhance the development of county economy and promote development of social undertakings, thereby ensuring Municipal County pilot "solid foundation, strong grass-roots level, to promote development "goals.