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Department of Commerce based on the linking point helping to carry on the "push five, get five gang of five" activities

Department of Commerce based on the linking point helping to carry on the "push five, get five gang of five" activities

Tamai village under the republican County, Hainan Prefecture, according to the spirit of the provincial government poverty alleviation and development leadership team on the new round of provincial government, and military authorities, enterprises and institutions targeted poverty alleviation work, since 2010, my Office associated point of helping . Tamai village more than two years, my Office has combined with the actual joint point of helping the work carried out, well arrangements, and innovative approaches to poverty reduction, and constantly increase the poverty alleviation efforts, helping and supporting the work of the joint points achieved positive results.
One, clarify ideas, selecting the right features rich project.
Formulated for the village's geographical location and the actual status of the play highland agriculture and animal husbandry characteristics and advantages of helping to support the development of cattle and sheep fattening planning. In 2010 project funds of $ 300,000, in batches to support knowledge management, management, and trustworthy, 60 sheep and cattle farmers to get rich, 2011-ordination to implement the project funds of 200,000 yuan to support farmers 80. Mode through the rolling development of aquaculture, the growing scale of farming, the two-year rolling development, herds sheep 4,000, a total slaughter of more than 1,200 projects every household increased the income of 1,800 yuan. The project presents to invest in small, fast output, high-income characteristics, and welcomed by the majority of farmers and herdsmen.
Second, to strengthen build, promote village-level grassroots organizations. Focus on serving the people, to strengthen the Office of Party Committee and the village party branch build work, a sound mechanism for mutual assistance of grassroots party organizations, actively implement the "three proposed a vote" system to assist the village party branch, and promote the village Party affairs and village affairs to promote the idea of ​​the village party branch, organization, style, system construction and the construction of anti-corruption. To assist in the general election of village committee team. To improve the quality of village-level party members and the masses to carry out the training activities of the party members and the masses. 2011 party building funds of $ 4000, a centralized training of the village Party members, organization members of the village party branch and village committee cadres, some rich experts and farmers and herdsmen representatives to the level of agricultural production in our province is relatively developed Haidong Prefecture characteristics farmhouse Services to develop a better Guide County to visit and study.
Third, create a harmonious, enhance the level of rural civilization. The active support of Tamai village to consolidate and enhance the civilized village to create results, perfect to create the plan, designed to create a carrier to provide relevant resources, comprehensively enhance the level of created. Continue to carry out the "four-into rural activities" ie, science, sports, legal, and helping the vulnerable service into the rural areas, to help the village to carry out the policy situation, legal knowledge, science education, and donated more than 260 types of books (volumes). Earnestly carry out a series of activities to create a civilized local advocacy advocate science, good faith compliance and resist superstition, change our habits, gender equality, care for the young, neighborhood harmony, wealth through hard work, helping the poor in society and guide the masses of peasants consciously resist superstition , gambling and other undesirable practices, improve the overall quality of the villagers. The eve of the old New Year 2011, the Office of Poverty Alleviation Leading Group to assist the village committee team, and organization of the elderly aged over 60 in the village co-hosted a tea party time with the history of the Yi home at the table of civilized village style "as the theme.
Four, changing concepts, enhanced ability to get rich income. Preaching work own initiative hematopoietic wealth to poverty reduction, my Office took the initiative to adjust the approach to poverty alleviation, thinking of helping the poor as the pilot to change the past passive transfusion poverty reduction, the spirit of anti-poverty ideas to get rich first, and ignorance, the beginning of each year, carefully selected personnel group, and preached on the 1st of the central and provincial documents and the spirit of the relevant policies, deepen the understanding of the policies of the masses of the party benefiting the agriculture rich peasants.
Twinning, adhere to the "warmth" activities. The knot on an important part of helping warmth activities as helping and supporting the work of the joint point, each year selected a few needy families to carry out the "warmth" sympathy activities, the past three years has sent more than 10 needy families more than $ 56 element of clothing, household items and emergency funds.