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31 pasos para negociar con fábricas chinas

31 pasos para negociar con fábricas chinas


Rara vez nos encontramos con una sólida artículo sobre un tema complejo como la negociación con las fábricas chinas. Sin embargo Ruta de la Seda Internacional planteó la duda sobre este bar una. David Dayton, que es el propietario de Ruta de la Seda Internacional vive en la misma ciudad que tenemos a nuestra oficina en Shenzhen.
  post by  Pete Braden 2007-11-20 23:12:56
Hi David Outstanding article. Anyone who has lived here would not disagree with your points. It's not a question of being politically correct, it's just that Chinese/Westerners have very different world-views. One thing you mentioned is the English contract-- of course it's nice to have this for your own convenience. But if there is any doubt on an issue, the Chinese edition takes precedence. This holds for real estate and other types of contracts, too. I am working on some materials to help people doing business in Yiwu. The e-book should be complete by the end of the week. Source Juice is a great resource, thanks again to everyone for keeping it going. Best wishes
  post by  Dylan Blankenship 2007-12-06 08:13:30
It is in my experience dealing with Chinese manufacturers that as the buyer it is your responsibility to direct the negotiations. Much time will go by in between communications and nothing will get done without being clear and precise with what you wish to accomplish or gain in the negotiations. Not to say you will get what you ask for, but it gives you a good starting point to discuss the position further. It was this way when I imported kitchen cabinetry and I wish I had the experience I do now, back then. When talks broke down, I had to bring in an intermediary. Dylan Blankenship