Best benchtop bandsaw for when you need to make serious cuts effortlessly

What do you get when you combine a table saw and a jigsaw? A Benchtop bandsaw. This powered saw lets you cut materials like laminate boards, MDF boards and gypsum with its toothed band. Do you need one? Woodworkers use them when cutting through thicker (2+ inches) materials. We’re yet to come across a standard table that cuts through 4+ inches. This tool comes in handy at such times and today we’ll be looking for the best benchtop bandsaw.

RIKON BANDSAW WITH FENCE 10-305 – the best benchtop bandsaw overall


This tool is from Rikon measuring 35.5*18*13. It is manufactured from heavy steel. Its frame is made from steel plate while other manufacturers may use plastic. The tool has ten teeth and uses 115V capacity. The instrument is a lower version of 10-325 and 10-345. The sturdy work surface is usually 12-1/2 inch while its table which is made from cast iron is 13-3/4 inches.  The sturdy work surface is an improvement as most band saws of similar size do not usually have such. Its rip fence is made of quality and can easily be dismantled to enable the user perform free-hand work. The motor is strong enough to provide energy to cut pen blanks and cutting bowls.

It has a guard post which can be adjusted for shorter distances to lower or raise its height. This band saw is usually bought alongside some hook saw blades and a POWERTEC band saw blade. Hobbyists and carpenters who do not cut for large capacities find this tool useful for their jobs as it doesn’t not require large storage capacity, easy to operate and portable. It has a dust port which clears your working space from dust and which you can hook when not using it and a safety paddle which controls the switch button. It has a warranty of five years hence quality guarantee.  The tool can last for long as it is made to withstand tear and wear. Its structure is easy to use.



This tool comes is accompanied by a work light to brighten up your space as you work and a stand for either using on the top activities or on the floor. It is 10 inches big in size. It is also package with a motor of 3.5amp which can cut 9-3/4 inches wide and 6” deep. It has a 72 inch blade which can cut from 1/8 to ½ inches and is quite a big size. As the name suggests, it has speeds of 2620 or 1529 FPM. It is big and takes up to 14-1/8 *12-1/2 of the work table. A 3/8 inch blade, miter gauge, stand, fence, work light and also 3-in-1 dust port is in the package. It is mostly bought with a woodcutting band saw. The tool has a warranty of up to two years hence quality guarantee. The stand is quick to organize and helps uplift the band saw and avoid taking up most of the table space. It cuts bevels from 0° to 45°. It has a resaw with a capacity to cut a six-inch piece. This is a strong tool which will assist every technician handle their jobs faster.

BANDSAW WEN 3975 – the best bandsaw for cutting metal


It is a metal blade which is 5 inches in size. Its speed is can be increased easily from 125 to 260 feet in a minute depending on the type of metal being cut. The rotation of the blade helps your cut perfect sizes. With the blade, you can cut easily up to 60° with a bevel. The saw has the ability to cut a metal pipe with a diameter of up to 5 inches and a material which is 5*4-7/8 in diameter. It has been designed in a way which it can easily be kept or moved with. Quality is guaranteed as is it has a warranty of up to 2 years. One can easily cut through steel, aluminum, copper and brass using this benchtop band saw. You don’t have to struggle while cutting as it has the ability to strongly grip the item you are working on. You can rely on it for operation as it has a blade with ball bearings which ensure reliability and increased durability. You can make adjustments easily during use due to its tilt knobs. In need of a saw which can cut through steel and other metal pieces of 12 inches, consider WEN.




This tool has been in the market for the last century. It provides service to those who construct cabinets and use wood. Its life span is guaranteed and quality check is unique. It is made of steel hence heavy in weight which reduces its curving ability. Its table structure is made of aluminum. That means it is a long lasting tool. Its capacity is of up to 115V. Its motor is of two speeds, 3340 and 1620 FPM. This tool is designed to cut both wood and metal. Its pulley system ensure speed during cutting with reduced tear and wear. Its wheels are covered with rubber to ensure balance as you cut. They are also made of aluminum hence are able to withstand pressure. It is mostly accompanied by the Kreg band saw fence and the mobile base which us adjustable from HTC.

This tool is durable enough to be passed down on generations as its lifespan is long. The bearing on the balls which are 5 both on the lower and upper blades ensure accuracy and consistency during operation. The setting on the lower side ensures it is visible on the lower side as it is huge enough. The blade has a capacity to cut up to 3/4 inches and is 6” tall.  It has a dust port which stores up your waste as you work. You therefore don’t have to clean up after your working session as the dust port does this for you.

The brushes on the blades ensures they are kept from dust as it cleans up. The poly v drive belt ensure the output is smooth and of good quality. It has a cord for connection to your source of electricity during operation. Guaranteed quality check as its warrantee is of up to 5 years and also comes with a labor warranty. Its bulb has a voltage of up to 230V. The band saw can be used for ripping, cross cutting and resawing.