There has been a need for a bandsaw when setting up a job or project given its strength and accurate detail in woodworking, sawing plastic and metal be it any task that will require proper cuts. In the selection for use, the buyer or customer must realize the different varieties available, their use and how different reviews have been gathered up from different source outlets. In this write up we are going to focus on a few of the factors that have been brought forth by research and review. To be considered are the size and shape of the bandsaw to realize quality and working facility, height being another key consideration. In this day and age where different projects are spread across different locations, transportable bandsaws are more convenient in use than normal ones. Another factor is the power provided by the bandsaw for proper consideration, this depending on the workload and material to be used for.

Inputting these factors in perspective it then comes down at choosing the right product for the right job out of the variety with their unique specifications.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

This 10-305 happens to be a scaled-down version of the models 10-345 and 10-325. It is an option when equipping a shop or small workspace to provide good cutting power without much problem. With its 1.5Hp motor it does not pack much power, but with its two adjustable blades, fine steel frame and the large ironwork area there is the ability to handle wood cutting well and throw in plastics too. There is a blade tension knob for quick adjustments of cutting depth and inch scale allows for guide height settings. The rip fence that is removable at ones volition gives additional support.
The item has a commendable price and delivers on work that is not of bulk and this judging from the underpowered engine and not reasonable for large-scale work.


Grizzly G0555HX Deluxe Benchtop Band Saw

The Grizzly is being manufactured with great precision and quality. The 1.75Hp motor makes of light work any material that is to be cut primarily wood and plastic. The one thing that favours the bandsaw is its smoothness in operation, with no unnecessary noises, base tremors and breakdowns from the long use.
The slight downside of this saw is the need to switchblades for heavy workload duty and also the price might be hefty for some consumers but it is worth it to get work done effectively and efficiently.



WEN 3962 Small Benchtop Bandsaw

A saw that runs silently, calibration in check and with an adjustable fence, and is largely popular with hobbyists in doubt of professionals it comes up as not of a bad bet at all. It reaches its mark with good 3.5Amp motor, light frame, sturdy stand to save up space in your work area.
Its speeds of 1520 or 2620 FPM can produce precise and powerful cuts.
The downside of the saw is that the box instructions lack clear cut and easy to understand for set up, use and any problems encountered so it requires a person who understands the bandsaw to help out.


KAKA Industrial Horizontal Benchtop Bandsaw

This bandsaw is the most likely to be portable on the list as it has wheels that help it to move with ease. The bandsaw is quite efficient in metal cutting and is useful in industry settings, mainly because of portability which we have mentioned and also the precision in producing linear cuts of wood and metal. The bandsaw can also be in use by hobbyists, even though still considering the heavy workload it can take.
The faults in this machine are the fact that the wheels can be a hindrance cause while working there can be problems of instability and can easily break after being in use for a while. The dear price tag on the machine can also be a deterrent to some consumers looking to buy a bandsaw, this doesn’t help also as there are also problems of the guide bearings for the blade don’t hold up.

ASIN: B01824B86A

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw

The prime fact about this particular one is meticulous design, build and release were taken into account as it was prepared to be released into the market, what came to be was a powerful tool that has its stake in the market. With a 13/4 HP Motor, safety keys which are illuminated, rip fence and ultra-smooth gears to get little or minimal flex extending to the maximum point. It is always difficult to spotlight a certain aspect of a build in a top tool to say this is what makes it stand out but the double windows allow for tension in the blades and easy tracking when the machine is in use, this helps in checking blade conditions without halting working.



All in all, when looking for a top bandsaw the Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 looks like a reasonable contender as its power and preciseness are not be underestimated and can deliver a job well done. However, the Grizzly G0555HX Deluxe Benchtop Band Saw is nothing to put on the wayside either. It’s cheaper, compact, and strong. Our only complaint is that due to the need to do heavy and tasking jobs there will be a need to switchblades and this will come as an extra expense to the party looking to buy the bandsaw. Finally, we hope that from this analysis you will be able to come up with an informed decision on which Bandsaw tool to purchase for your job, as decisions are influenced by a lot of factors in reviews and experiences working with the tools.