Bauer is a massive brand under the legendary Harbour Freight Tools. Harbour Freight was commissioned in the late 1977 and has been in business for over forty years. This long span has seen them come up with great products including the Bauer series of tools. These tools have been made for that long maintain their high quality and its does not hit us by surprise that when many professionals think of power tools, they rush for Bauer set of tools. Ranging from impact drills to powered hammers all the way to wrenches, you can get a product that suits your job. Selecting a tool from a pool of great options has been a challenge to many people and in this review, we are going to break down each tool to your satisfaction.

Bauer 1781C B1 20v Hypermax Driver kit


If there is a driver kit that hit the market with a bang in terms of specifications and performance, then it is definitely Bauer Hypermax B1. The reviews that this product had, showed a face of happy clients whose expectations had been exceeded. This driver has a surprising featherweight of 2.63 pounds and it is packed with a 20V lithium ion battery, its charger and a carrier. The cordless impact driver has a mechanised clutch with a setting span of up to twenty-one times. This is in addition to its 2 speed settings ranging from 0 RPM to 450 RPM on the lower scale and 0 RPM to 1700 RPM on the higher scale.

Moreover, the drill produces some 450 pounds of torque making it a very powerful machine for drilling in almost any material. Unlike most owned impact drivers, this one has a half an inch metal chuck in addition to ergonomically perfect handle and trigger. The surprises do not end there since the driver despite all this features, it is only eight and a quarter inches long making it a gem to many. Finally, the impact driver comes with a luring three years warrant and as you would expect, it is more expensive.

Bauer 64120 Heavy Duty Impact Torque Wrench.


Some tasks usually call for high amount of torque at once and Bauer knew when exactly to come to the rescue. This heavy duty torque wrench just like all other Bauer products is a game changer. With a record torque of 1050 pounds, this tool is a job done for heavy works. The product is designed with an all metal gear that makes sure its operations last for a long time. This is in addition to a special hog ring that holds its power point in position. The drill is supplemented with some eight and a half amperes motor for the high torque. This impact wrench is also light in weight but calls for extra caution when in use because the high torque makes handling tricky sometimes.

Bauer 1792C-B1 Hypermax Lithium Hammer Drill Kit


This cordless half inch hammer comes in a special bag together with a 1.5 ampere 20V battery inclusive of its charger. This drill is an efficient time savour and it comes with a gear which is all-metal making it long lasting and a good tool for clasping jobs and hammer drilling. Like all Bauer too, 1792C-B1 is a featherweight product making it nice for someone working continuously for long hours. In addition to that, the product is fitted with LED lights making it applicable even during dark places and hours. This machine comes with some two years warrant alongside its fair price. Despite all this, the hammer drill can only be used for light tasks.

Bauer 1641E – B 1-1 SDS Variable Speed Pro Rotary Hammer


This is what most professional constructors usually call a two in one tool. This pro rotary hammer is assembled with a provision of changing from hammer to a driver very easily giving you an opportunity to do more tasks at once with the same tool thus be economical on time. The 1641E – B 1-1 comes with a ten ampere motor assuring you of powerful output. As if not enough, the item is manufactured with a 3900 BPM impact rate and a stunning three point seven feet pounds of energy for impact. This high energy and impact rate makes the item ideal for hitting through toughest materials like walls and concrete.

The design incorporates some two stage switch for smooth transition from hammer to driver. A more stunning feature in this product is its adjustable speed control which allows you to regulate easily and work on a variety of surfaces. In terms of ergonomics, the handle is friendly and can turn to a maximum three hundred and sixty degrees for improved working environment. In conclusion, this product calls for frequent maintenance in terms of lubricating and other checks for it to be used for a longer time

Bauer 63062 13 Ampere Heavy Duty Right Angle Drill Kit


This right angle drill comes in red, black or silver colours with a thirteen ampere alternating current (AC) motor. Unlike most drills, the 63062 13 gear is housed in an aluminium casing making it lighter and improve its heat control. The gears run in a fast speed ranging from 0 RPM to 450 RPM on the lower set and 0 RPM to 1759 RPM on the higher calibrations. This item is designed to drive bolts and screws in a perfect ninety degrees and boring precise straight holes from its quarter turn turning handle making it ideal for working in the middle of joists. The drill also has a secondary handle which boots the handlers control due to the torques kickback.


Bauer has made sure everyone gets an item that suits them perfectly for whatever task they have that requires powered tools. It is therefore not by surprise that Bauer as a brand has been highly accepted by professional and general homeowners for their wonderful products. With the above breakdown of some of Bauer’s tools, you will be able to make a decision on which one fits your job well and you can be guaranteed that good performance and high quality are all in place.