The DW735 Vs DW735x: Choosing the Right Wood Working Planer from Dewalt

DW735 B0000CCXU8


An essential tool in woodworking is a wood planer a tool that affords symmetric face cuts to lessen the bulkiness of wood through dimensioning and make it have clean perfect finish. If one is into carpentry professional work or DIY work considering a wood planner seems like a very viable option to realize top quality results. It is worth mentioning like any other tool there are different types of wood planners manual planner, stationary planner, 2 in 1 planner, power hand planer and benchtop planer. It is worth noting each with its own characteristic, from the manual planer that requires human input to use and are popular among hobbyists at home, power hand planers that require a power source such as a battery or electricity outlet to operate, tabletop planers which are barely portable but useful in mid sized jobs, stationary planers which are non-movable and highly popular in industrial settings for large scale work and finally 2 in 1 planers that has two tools joined up with the planer and jointer.

Wood planers are available from different brands but the best in quality are usually sort after as they offer a guarantee in results, this is where the tool brand Dewalt comes in, a brand that has been able to manufacture premium tools for almost 97 years with innovative pieces existing as a hallmark of its success. It is for this reason that this review will focus on the finest benchtop planers available from the brand, the DW 735 and the DW 735x for consideration in your next woodworking task.

Dewalt 735 vs Dewalt 735X

The two wood planners do not have highly distinguishable characteristics to distinguish them, with a notable difference being that the 735x comes with extra set of ripping razors that are made available with the power tool also extra the in/ out feed boards. The two equipments are for use in small space workshops and commercial contracting situations, with their sizeable alumina cast table offering firmness and the double planing speed offering a proper work around for hardwood lumber. Now siting at the comparisons


The 735 and 735x is powered by a fifteen-amp motor that rotates at a tempo of 20000RPM and a three razor cutter head that deliver high rates to give a thirty percent increase in its razor life. The dual speed gearbox allows for variation of speeds to suite the work being done. The cast alumina bottom gives substantial sturdiness and the infeed and outfeed panels allow for inserting and catching of the wood boards as they exit respectively with in/out feed boards not coming with the 735 model.


The woodwork planers come in a firm and well sized design for it to be easily placed on the work surface. Long life for the machine is guaranteed as the bottom is made of alumina casing to offer stability for the equipment. The design of the woodworker planers allows for riddance of dirt that  comes out during operation and this gives the machines in operational condition in the long run.


The controls of the power tools are very projected for ease of visibility. Snipe or material damage  on the machine is put on low because woodworker planers have automatic carriage latches which keeps the operator on check when forgetting to set it on manual. The chip release system has a powered fan to vacuum chip off cutter heads and remove them out of the equipment. Gauges on the 735 and 735x are easy to view and they aid putting in precise settings


In price denomination the 735 comes at a cheaper price than the 735x. This is owning to the fact that the 735X comes with additional retrofits included are the additional knives and the extension in and out feed tables.

Limitation features

The main limitation feature that faces the 735 against the 735x is that the in feed and out feed boards have to be purchased separately and this brings an extra expense to the customer.

Another disadvantage that affects both machines have limited movability as they are heavy equipment and work mostly on bench tables. The wood planers also produce a lot of nice during operation and require ear muffs to reduce their noise effect. There has also reports of snipes at the top and ends of the wood and this can be a hindrance to quality work.

There is also complaints that the blades are expensive to replace once their user life diminishes, and once blades are not quality enough the finish on the wood material is not up to standard.


As seen from the review there is little dissimilarity that come in the wood-work planers 735 and 735x, with the additional boards and blades being the selling point for the735X. The appliances owe to the certitude that they are largely popular in professional setting background, home or small space work environments making them top picks for anyone who requires a wood project done from start to finish With the point of the two machines being largely similar it is nearly impossible to discredit any of them during purchase, as the output by the duo woodworks planer tools is premium. On purchase the consumer needs to consider the price and  affordability with the cash they are willing to spend, when needing extra blades and in / out tables 735x is the way to go though on extra cash but longer usability due to the accessories it goes together with, on working on a subtle budget the Dewalt 735 is quite the consideration but could prove an expense in the future when wanting to purchase additional blades. It is then important for the buyer to look at these considerations when preparing a purchase but in view of all this the buyer is still destined to get top quality results with impressive and smooth finishes from the wood planers. It is with hope that with this review you can make the right choice for your next purchase.