Porcelain tiles have become a popular material in modern world construction industry in terms of finishing of floorings, countertops and walls. They are liked for the appealing appearance they depict. From time to time, these tiling’s usually necessitate being worked on and as you known, drilling on them is a nightmare job in the occasion you miss the right drill bit. The simple reason being that they are stiff and brittle. Any usage of a wrong bit can cause the porcelain to shutter or leave you with an ugly scene and I bet nobody wants that. Working on porcelain calls for a fine collection of drill bits to carry out the job effectively without damaging the tiles hence you need to know the right tool. A number of drill bits have been known to do some nice work on porcelain tiles. Let’s dive into some of these great drill bits and analyse them.

Draper Expert 48221  – The best diamond drill bit for porcelain (overall)


These drill bit combo is packed with some eight bits for boring on tiles and general drilling. This bit, just like all other Draper Expert products are prepared with great precision and range from three millimetres to ten millimetres in the box. The nice thing with these drill bit is their market price which is really friendly compared to other drill bits. Draper Expert48221 bits can work on various materials especially porcelain tiles without triggering vibrations to affect the adjacent tiles. The Draper Expert 48221 however has one shortcoming because they don’t hold strongly when working on very thick porcelain tiles.

Neiko 00823A – the toughest


Neiko as a brand has always shaken the market with its products which preaches durability, superiority and above all reliability. These brand of bits are found in a set of five. They are distributed in various dimensions scaling from 5/32” up to ½” rendering them perfect for many tasks.

Coating the drill bits tip in diamond and plating in nickel to makes sure the work is finished to optimal results. This great design edges many drill bits on the shop shelves since it grinds in the tile rather than cutting through hence minimizing possibilities of a fracture on the exterior. Plaiting the bit with nickel improves its resilience and prevents rusting because nickel renders it resistant to corrosion. Unlike Draper Expert 48221, this Neiko’s drill bits are comfortable in working on dense and thicker porcelain tiles making them versatile. With all these extras, they don’t have additional weight hence they can be count on.

Bastex W2 TL16 – for brittle tiles


These are packed in three’s per combo in magnitudes of 6 millimetres,8 millimetres and 10 millimetres per set. For any porcelain tile, the sizes are ideal and one can do a number of tasks accurately. With the drill bits, it is possible to do holes of about 2.3 centimetres long hence a great recommendation for porcelain tiles works. Their tips are produced from carbon steel and then plated with nickel and finally the ends in the tips core are fitted with diamond making them indestructible. These specifications give the drill bits some superior drilling strengths necessary to go through thick tiles. Most professionals praise this brand of Bartex for the accurateness the bits depict in terms of their finishing making them a best option for works involving thick and stiff materials like porcelain tiles. This brand is amazingly pocket friendly compared to other brands.

Blendx FBA bx 022


If you intend to do a broad category of works ranging from large to medium to small punches altogether, then you require a kit which will provide you with options. Blendx package is assembled with a great set of ten frequently applied drill bit. The drill bits are the basic gears necessary when working on thick and brittle tiles. The cutting edges of the drill bits are enforced with diamond making them strong while boring on the materials. The drill bits usually bite deep holes slightly above 5.3 centimetres making it applicable for household fittings. Moreover, the bit produces some neat job because they consist of a side-hole to remove waste materials. A major setback is that diamonds tear off as time goes by and the drill bits wear faster than expected. Their market price is also more expensive compared to other products of similar interests.

Silverline 217584



When perfection is your daily bread, then Silverline is your preferred drill bit combo. This brands kit has a reputation of creating flawlessly shaped holes when applied to drill on hard surfaces. Silverline comes in a set of three sizes stretching from five millimetres to six millimetres to eight millimetres. Once the drill bits are correctly lubricated, they produce accurate cuts and smoother finish on the exterior side. This type is also generally cheaper.

Drill Pro QKOaoko 32


These provide you with a unique stop shop for all brittle and thick materials boring jobs. The set comes with an amazing fifteen bits. These superior pieces are assembled from steel and coated in diamond. The pieces are then distributed in a combo kit of fifteen members, the pieces have a capacity of boring a depth of almost five cm.  Their dimensions stretches from 6mm to 50 mm. The large number of options given by this kit improves your chances of getting the precise hole size improving your accuracy. As expected, the value of these drill bits is higher than most brands on the shelves.


A precise drill bit is the secret to a well done job especially with dense brittle tiles. For a professional, you will want a drill bit which has a sharp cutting edge and diamond coated ends. The above suggestions will work well especially the Neiko 00823A. For someone looking forward to do some few repairs in their household, they will want a strong drill bit prepared of either steel or carbon but reinforced with diamond edges and mostly a cheaper one like Bastex W2 TL16. Finally, irrespective of the drill bits brands that you apply, some maintenance checks such as lubricating and frequently cleaning the tips must be adhered to for quality work.