Electric Saw Types: Their Types and Where They’re Used

Saws trace their origin and use from a while back and homes, workshops and professional industry for carving. The sawing machines are divided into different types where some are hand-saws, the other are power tools that use electricity, motor or gas powered, with these further divided to varieties. To carve metallic elements, plastics or lumber one can choose from a variety by judging from functionality. DIY workers or professionals can use hand-saws to prove finer precision with slower cut movements while power saws require more familiarity to utilize but offer faster results. The focus on this will be electric saws that vitally  need an electric source outlet to run them, the machines themselves offer  an advantage as a power tool in that it can make cuts on hard to cut materials like metal, ceramics or tough plastics this is apart from the customary wood material giving it an advantage over ordinary hand saw tools. Electric saws themselves come in different types and sizes so it will be of importance to any buyer to get familiar with available options in order to make informed decisions during purchase, therefore below are some singled out options or types for the job.

Electric Chain Saw

This is a chain saw that operates on current as opposed to gas powered or recharged batteries. The chainsaw is easily movable and light and can make use of extension cords to connect to power outlets and are used for activities such as plank cuts, plastic cuts, cutting of ice and construction work. The arrangement of teeth on the electric chain saw revolve around the chain to make carves. The static current chain saw is made available by different brands and they come with safety supplements with chain brakes, safety switches, back end handle bars and chain alignment to avoid a person from getting injured during work, oiling the chain can also preserve the chain saw for a longer life.

Circular Saw

A popular choice when working on different materials as it offers supplemental round blades to fit the job being done. The round blade teeth are able to fit into pockets and the round motion power is able to drive the blade to gives cuts to stone, metal elements or lumber, another characteristic of the disc-shaped saw is that it can be handheld or mounted as need fits the user. The saw is made available by brands  Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita and Bosch and is mostly popular among DIY people.

Table Saw

The item are one of the most admired and comprise of a more fixed and stable to be placed on a flat surface for work to be done. Circular blades spun at top speeds are between the workbench space area for delicate cuts where the blade can be navigated up or down to affect the vertical extent of cut while the angle of cut is made able by tilt of the blade and its up to the operator to push the timber across the blade. The blades have the ability to be manipulated to allow for a variety of jobs in the cutting of plank, plastic and metal. The compact,  cabinet, sliding saws, bench top, hybrid variety table saws are available for jobs, while safety supplements like kickbacks, dust extractors are provided.

Reciprocating Saws

The mechanism of a reciprocating saw is not like those of other saws as it relies on back and forth movements to deliver cuts. The parallel reciprocating razer can be used to cut through PVC pipes, dry wall, wood and find their use also in home and office settings when working on tiles, doors, windows or renovation work. The blades can be changed when need arises to ensure a long life for the tool and also achieve different cut finishes and a unique quality about it is that it can be used by emergency services people for example when rescuing people from a collapsed building it can penetrate bricks.

Jig saws

Closely related to reciprocating saws, these are slightly sizeable and for hand held action and the most notable difference is that as compared to the reciprocating saw this one has its blade facing downwards and the blade size varies. The specialty of this saw is to afford the user the luxury to be able to make curved cuts with notability and cut material in various cut shapes even when complex.

Floor Saws

The floor saw is a rare kind of power saw but still very useful in its particular job. The machine is fairly compact and can be utilized in mini space areas. In application, the machine is placed on the floor and wood is coasted through the saw razer to make miter, rip-cuts and cross cuts. It is because of this reason the floor saw is popular among executives, hobbyists and home users as it appeals, excellent product for lamination floor work along with its proficiency for movability.



To benefit eventual effectiveness of any activity needed are the right tools and electric saws are prime bets for any job be it professional or casual work. The different brands have always been on avail to bringing saw innovations to work in favor of most customers and the tasks they want to accomplish, here we have touched on a few electric saw machines but there’s a few others out there based on a variety of usage. Consumers have mandate to look for best alternatives by considering class of razers required for a job, the medium to be carved, the sort of razer cut the equipment offers and where application lies. Other factors such as price along with portability are of due consideration too.
Finally when using any tool the user can choose from an array be it hand-saws, power driven saws and from the categories they can go even further the divide and work with gas powered, motor driven, battery driven or electric it all comes down to choice and  suitability to the task at hand.