Electric Pole Saws: Finding the Right One for Your Yard

Do you think that it’s safe climbing trees with sharp tools? We don’t. Trees have a wide variety of benefits from cleaning the air to providing shade and other nutritional values from their fruits. Trees need to be taken care of just like any other plant. Pruning is one of the ways as it removes dead branches giving space for new growth and also provides ample space for air circulation and reduce disease incidences. Choosing the right electric pole saw probably won’t be the hardest task you’ll perform this year. We’ve reviewed a few models that we love.


20192-8” pole saw from Greenworks


It’s motor of 6.5Amp that provides power reliably and will not take a time to start. It is pocket-friendly, user friendly and simple to operate and has attractive features for a newbie choosing an electric pole saw. The saw has a shaft which is straightened to ease and hasten the process of trimming. This design makes you enjoy the trimming process as well. The shaft trim 8 feet depending on how thick the tree is. The saw has a 8” steel alloy bar which is strongly built to give the saw the power to work on thick branches easily. The saw has longevity due to its material. The saw trims even the toughest hidden areas of a branch due with its 8” bar. It has a setting which controls how branches are cut with its chain. Its automated oiler saves you the hassle of checking and oiling it and the servicing of the saw manageable. The saw is portable as it is only 10.47 pounds. This also eases its storage means. It has the advantage of ease on operation. Its only disadvantage is that is abit expensive but it’s all worth it as the services it provides are guaranteed.


SWJ802E Sun Joe’s Electric Saw with 6.5Amp motor


This is one very light saw in the market weighing only 7.9lbs. Extremely easy to handle and it comes with a head which is adjustable. It is for trimming tall trees as it as it has a pole to use while trimming branches which are far. Its motor ensures reliability as it powers the tool to trim branches. It can reach even 15 feet branches away and cut up to 7.5” thick branches. It is tall enough to reach far branches. Its Oregon bar has a chain made of metal alloy which increases its efficiency. Its automatic oiler best ensures it is oiled frequently hence easy maintenance. Its adjustable head helps you position it to cut logs from all angles. Its size makes it easy to carry around during work and its permanence is unquestioned. It is however operated manually.


WG309 Pole Saw from Worx


It has a combo with a 8amp motor. It is easy to handle and be used for several other functions. The tool is 10” and allows you to add a pole of up to 8” hence easy to cut even the tallest branches. You don’t have to step on anything else to cut tall branches. The pole can also be detached easily and doesn’t need other tools to re attach it which eases the usage of the tool with convenience. It has an easy chain tensioning which help you produce the best types of cut. This chain system also helps increase the lifespan of the saw. The auto-oiler makes operating using the tool easy as you don’t have to worry about oiling the saw from time to time. The handle can rotate easily to help you prune with ease. Its motor powers it to prune either lightly or trim lightly and also can be used to clean the work space. It is portable as it weighs 10 pounds. The saw however has blades which are limited in number.


RM1035P Ranger II Electric pole saw from Remington


This tool is perfect at pruning. It is best at cutting branches that are farthest. Its combo allows you to fully take over pruning. You can detach the pole from the saw by pressing a button with ease. The detached part will be a chain saw which can be used on the ground. You don’t need additional tools to do this. The handle of the saw is well designed to ease handling it during operations. The shaft on the saw helps you to work even on the farthest limbs. It has a hook to hold the branches as you prune. The auto-oiler eases the management of the tool. The length of the tool can be extended on the handles. It however has a short term warranty.


Sjw800e Telescoping Pole Saw from SunJoe


This saw is 8” in size and easily portable. Trimming the limbs has never been easier as with this saw as its motor provides power up to 6.5amp.  It is capable of cutting branches which are up to 7.5” thick. The chain system automatically oils itself hence easy to maintain. This tool doesn’t produce smoke and fumes during use hence excellent performance. It automatically switches itself when placed down to prevent any accidents. It is however difficult to control its tension.


PS44008 Earthwise Electric Pole Saw


Its motor system provides 6.5amp power to this 8” sized saw. It is able to adjust its length according to how far the branches are from you to cut trim them. The material used to make the bar assures reliability and increased lifespan. The saw can be adjusted up to 30° to cut the branches with ease. The blade has a cover to protect the tool when it is not being used. The tool is environmental friendly as it has a cord to connect it to an electric source and doesn’t produce fumes during use. The handle is rubbered for easy gripping during use. Its automated oiling system best suits you to work faster without having to stop. The tool however cannot cut huge branches as it is not strong enough.


When searching for a pole saw, consider the power of the tool, how strong it is, whether it can reach far away branches, whether it is within your budget and the reviews of previous customers who have used the tool. The heaviness of the saw is also important and how fast it cuts through the logs. Your safety as you use it is the key and its permanence too.