Bauer is a trusted brand and today we’ll be looking at their all-time best-seller, the Bauer Drill. Having a compact feel aside, how does this drill handle? This is a popular drill but is it worth spending money on? There’s wisdom in following crowds at times you know.


It can be used on different materials to power fasten. It is lightweight as it has less than 3lbs making it easy to move around with and compact. This drill has no cord. The tool‘s battery capacity is 1.5Ah and a speed of up to 1700 RPM. This tool is a multipurpose tool as it can drive, sand, drill and buff without the frustrations of moving with a corded device. It will handle even big projects due to its adaptability. It has a battery which supplies it with enough power for longer periods. The 20V power tool can also be used with different batteries hence you can purchase some for exchanging with no complications. The tool is bought together with a storage bag, 2 driver bits, and a compact drill together with a driver of 20V. There are unique features which make this drill stand out despite having numerous drills in the market space. Below are the features that distinguish the drill from other drills.

LED light

The drill has a bright light to brighten up your space as you work hence reducing the hassle. It has a maximum torque of 450lbs. The drill is 8-1/4 in size. It is comparable to other hammer drills from Porter cable. The handle is texture to help the user grip it with comfort while in use and for security purposes. All your drilling jobs are handled by this device as it has a motor whose performance is excellent. It has a metallic gear to increase longevity and a chuck without a key which eases the process of changing the bits. This is one of the best tools this company has ever made. The drill has a warranty of up to 90 days after purchase and also free service for the same time. The hassle of moving around and ensuring you don’t trip over a cord is eliminated by the cordless drill. It is made of metal to increase its lifespan. The batteries of the tool are made of Lithium-ion hence provide charge to the tool for longer periods.

Your safety is important when handling this tool and ignorance of these simple rules might cost you. Always ensure your eyes are protected by wearing goggle glasses and any other protective wear as recommended by Bauer. Ensure the items you are working on are stead and cannot move. Ensure the surface is not damaged by the holes you are drilling.

Locate the starting point of your piece where you will drill. If you are unsure of where your next hole will be, place a square next to your drill to locate your next move. Carefully drill through, first in a slow move then faster. It will do the rest. A pilot hole prevents you from wrongly drilling hence prevent you from cutting. The bit should be in place with the diameter of the inner thread while drilling for a screw area. The diameter of the nail should be bigger than that of the bit, the clasp should be as long as its depth while drilling. This drill should make holes of correct measurement by ensuring you use a bit with countersink as it forms a recession that holds the fastener’s head together with the piece of wood.

Complains on the Bauer Drill

Getting a tool without seeking a second opinion might not be the best approach and this tool has received some complaints among them being, it is usually delivered with one battery whereas it should have two. Customers complain that its warranty duration is too short as the warranty is for only 90 days.

Their reviews are not always filled with negativity. They usually praise the drill for being pocket friendly and affordable to most people who desire to purchase it. The customers are also happy with the grip of the drill which is made of metal hence easy to grip. The battery serves the customers to their satisfaction and there are rarely complaints about it. Its powerful motor makes the drill strong as well. Customers are usually happy with the packaging of the tool as it usually has a battery and its charger hence they don’t have to incur extra charges to get them. People who care to give their opinion on the drill are usually happy with the sound of it during work.


The Bauer 20V drill is stronger than most drills hence produces more power. The additional power comes with extra precision hence your outcome will be of good quality. This drill is still despite its good quality.  You will not struggle to figure out how the tool works as it comes with a manual. Bauer compensates you for any defaults you may find on the tool within 90 days from the day you bought it.

Bauer 20V drill is an excellent tool as it has a speed triggering variable. It moves depending on the pressure applied. The more the pressure, the faster it will be and the faster the bits will be made per spin.  The drill has a switch on top for setting its high and low speed. Low speed drives the drill and that shows more power is being used and it is being rotated by more force. The higher speed switch is used during drilling. The force used to rotate the drill is lower hence lower power.

This drill also has a clutch which is alterable to assist you control your driving speed. Its motor is powerful enough to ensure the flow of air is regulated and the working space has enough air during your operations. Its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. From its high-quality products to its high battery life to its comfortable grip, all these are its advantages which outweigh its disadvantages.


In comparison to other drills, the Bauer 20V drill can overpower all the rest. This is one tool I would highly recommend to anyone for its quality and performance. Purchase this 20V drill and you will have no regrets.